Stone Age Tribal Competition - Kierikkikeskus - Oulun kaupunki

Stone Age Tribal Competition Stone Age Tribal Competition

The competition between different tribes takes place in the Kierikki prehistoric site and the Stone Age Village. The programme is well-suited for e.g. team building or just as a day of recreation. The tribes compete in different Stone Age tasks that can be solved with quick reasoning and good imagination. Right delagtion of tasks and the ability to co-operate are also essential elements of success!

The participants get to wear Stone Age style clothes provided by the Kierikki Centre.

Duration 3 hours
Price 34 € pp (incl. vat) 20-45 persons
  44 € pp (incl. vat) 12-19 persons

Programme services outside opening hours: € 310 / group


You can have the tribal competition both in summer or winter. Its funny and suits also to team building to all kind of like groups eg. in conferences. Photos Maija Kettunen, Fulbright Center 2016