Stone Age Village - Kierikkikeskus - Oulun kaupunki

Stone Age Village Stone Age Village

Prehistory comes to life in the Stone Age village 

From the main building, Kierikki Stone Age Centre, a pathway made out of sturdy logs runs for half a kilometre and leads through the old Stone Age settlement sites to the reconstructed Stone Age village.

Kierikki Stone Age village in summer 2014. Photos Jackie Wahrgren. 

From 5,000 to 7,000 years ago people lived in Kierikki on the sandy banks of the river Iijoki. The village would have had several different types of buildings including single houses, semi-detached houses and Kierikki's specialty, large row houses (a row of houses connected by doorways). The reconstructed buildings were created based on research data obtained from Kierikki's archaeological excavations.

Ancient tales bring the village to life and you kind find activities test your prehistoric skills! At the stone-smith's lean-to you can discover how an arrowhead is formed using slate, sand and water. At the ancient shooting range you can practice your hunting skills with a bow and arrow or the atl-atl. During the summer, log boats will be at the shoreline ready for you to paddle in the river using ancient-style boats. All activities will be supervised at summertime by a guide, recognisable in traditional Stone Age clothes.

Leading from the Stone Age village is another log path, just half a kilometre long through the forest. Here you can see ancient animal traps and read about how they were used to trap animals such as bears and foxes.