The Cultural Voucher

The Cultural Voucher is a voucher which is provided by the City of Oulu to all new students of Oulu UAS, Diak's Oulu campus and University of Oulu. The Cultural Voucher invites first year students to try different cultural services of Oulu. The Cultural Voucher is given to all new students in Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS), Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Oulu campus) and University of Oulu.

The voucher gives you an easy way to the cultural life of Oulu. The voucher offers a one-time possibility to have a completely free or a cheaper entrance to all of Oulu's cultural institutions. The cheaper ticket can be bought with signed (by the student) voucher and an official student card.

The regular student priced tickets that are offered by the different cultural institutions of Oulu are still valid.

The Cultural Voucher is accepted in the following places:

Oulu Symphony
Oulun Lippupiste, tel. +358 8 558 47600

Oulu City Theatre
Oulun Lippupiste, tel. +358 8 558 47600

Cultural Centre Valve
Ticket office tel. +358 558 47575

Oulu City Library
Borrowing tel. +358 8 558 47337

Museum and Science Centre Luuppi

Places below belongs to the same big combination called Luuppi.

Science Centre Tietomaa
Info desk +358 8 5584 1340

The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum
Ticket office tel. +358 8 558 47161

Oulu Museum of Art
Info desk tel. +358 558 47450

Kierikki Stone Age Center
tel. +358 8 5585 8265