Borrowing and renewals

The materials of the library can be borrowed by anyone who has a library card in one of the OUTI libraries.


Loan periods

The loan periods of OUTI-libraries are:

Books 28 days
Cds 28 days
Magazines 14 days
DVDs and Blu-rays 14 days
Console games 14 days
Short term loans (cannot be renewed) 14 days



Loans can be renewed if there are no reservations. You can renew your loans up to five times in a row.

You can renew your loans

  • in the library in person
  • by phone 08 558 47337
  • on the Internet in OUTI online library

In order to renew your loans in the web library you need you need your customer identification number and password.  The customer ID appears in your library card. The password can be obtained in person from the library.

The customer is responsible for renewing the loans on time. If the OUTI online library does not work, the loans must be renewed in some other way.

Loans cannot be renewed if there are reservations for the items. Short-term loans cannot be renewed.


Overdue charges

If the customer does not return the borrowed materials by due date, he or she will have to pay an overdue fee. The fee for one book or other item is usually 0.15 euros per day. The overdue fees are collected for each day after the due date.

Overdue fee for short term loans is 0.40 euros per day.

For one item the maximum accumulated overdue fee can be 5 euros. There are no overdue fees for children's materials.


Suspension of borrowing rights

If the customer does not return the loans or pay the fines, his or her borrowing rights will be suspended. The suspension will also be applied if the customer has 12 euros or more of unpaid library charges. The suspension is valid in all OUTI libraries. The suspension will be reversed once the customer has returned the overdue materials and paid the fees.


Amount of loans

A customer may have no more than 100 items at the same time on loan with exception of console games which can be loaned only two at the time.



The library complies with the age ratings for films and games. The library will not lend films or games to a customer who is too young. Films or games cannot be borrowed using a parent's library card. Some films and games have no age limits. They can be borrowed by anyone.

Old materials and materials in poor condition are stored in the library storerooms. They may not be borrowed, but can be read in the Reading Room.


Interlibrary loans in Finland and abroad

If an item is not available in any of the OUTI libraries it can be ordered from elsewhere in Finland or from abroad. Such loans are called interlibrary loans. An interlibrary loan costs one euro. Additionally, a client may be charged other fees set by the sending library.

Interlibrary loans are usually picked up from the Oulu main library at the lending department on second floor. If a customer wants to pick up an interlibrary loan from another library, he must make a separate agreement with the library. Interlibrary loans can be renewed in the main library at information services on second floor.

How to use the self-service machines at the Oulu main library