Library charges


Overdue charges

If a customer fails to return the loans by the due date, he or she must pay an overdue charge. The overdue book for one book or other material is usually 0.15 euros per day. Late fee is collected immediately after the due date for each day. For example, seven days a late book late fee is 1.05 euros.

Overdue fee for short term loans is 0.40 euros per day.

For one item the maximum accumulated overdue fee can be 5 euros. There are no overdue fees for children's materials.


Return request and invoice

If a loan is overdue, the library will send the customer a return request. In the request the customer is asked to return the loan as soon as possible. Sending a return request will cost the customer one euro.

Borrowing rights are suspended if the customer has 12 euros or more of unpaid library charges.
If the customer does not return the materials, the library will send him or her an invoice. If the customer does not pay the invoice, the matter will be transferred to a collecting service that will collect the invoiced amount from the customer.


Paying the charges

All library charges must be paid at one time.

On main library you can pay your fees with cash or debit card. Debit cards payments are accepted in Haukipudas, Kaakkuri, Kaijonharju, Karjasilta, Kiiminki, Maikkula, Myllyoja, Oulunsalo and Rajakylä libraries. Other local libraries will not accept cash or debit cards. Mobile libraries will accept cash payments.

Fees can also be paid online. If the customer wishes to pay the fees online, he or she must first log on to the OUTI web library.


Other charges

In addition to the overdue charges there are also other library fees.

Other fees

Fee for uncollected reservation 1 € / reservation
Interlibrary loans from elsewhere in Finland or abroad 1.00 € / loan
New library card to replace a lost one 3.00 €
Plastic bag 0.20 €
Fabric eco bag 3.00 €

Printouts and copies

Black and white, single-sided 0.20 €/sheet
(0.15 € with a copy card)
Black and white, double-sided 0.40 €/sheet
(0.30 € with a copy card)
Full colour, single-sided 0.40 €/sheet
(0,30 € with a copy card)
Full colour, double-sided 0.80 €/sheet
(0.60 € with a copy card)

Copy card, 10 copies 1.50 €
Copy card, 50 copies 7.50 €


Lost or damaged material

If materials are lost or damaged, the customer will have to pay a compensation fee. The amount of compensation varies for example depending on the price of the material. Also the condition the material was in affects the price.

The library does not return compensation fees paid, even if the lost materials are found later.