Library card


Getting a library card

The same library card is valid in all OUTI libraries. The first library card is free of charge. If you lose your card, a new card costs 3 euros.

You can get a library card in any of the OUTI libraries. You will need an ID with you. Children under 15 years of age must have a guardian's written consent to get a library card.

Customer identification number and password

OUTI libraries have their own internet service, OUTI online library through which you can check your own information or make reservations.

In order to use the web library you need a customer identification number and a password. The customer ID appears in your library card. The password can be obtained in person from the library. You cannot get the password by phone or by e-mail.


Responsibility for the card

The library card is personal. That means that the customer is responsible for the books borrowed with his or her card. The customer is also responsible for the use of the customer ID and password.


Loss of library card

If you lose your library card, you must notify the library immediately. Reports can be made by telephone or by visiting the library.

After the notification the library card is cancelled. This means that the card can no longer be used.

The customer can purchase a new library card after establishing his or her identity. A new card costs 3 euros.


Change of address

You must notify the library of change of address.

You can notify of your change of address

  • in the library in person
  • by phone
  • in OUTI online library.

Name changes must be notified in the library in person.

It is worthwhile to notify also changes of phone numbers and e-mail addresses. This is especially important when the customer receives reservation notifications by text message or by e-mail. You can notify your new phone number or e-mail in OUTI online library in My Account.

You will not see changes in contact information in OUTI web library immediately, but only after a while.

How to use the library?