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The City of Oulu is taking action in preventing sexual offenses

The City of Oulu, together with the experts of the city, authorities and other partners, will take measures to strengthen especially the safety of children and young people in Oulu.

The City will support school communities in many ways to restore a safe atmosphere and prevent new sexual offenses.

Help to schools

Schools are secured to have a normal everyday life. The staff of schools and student health care, school psychologists and curators, as well as youth workers, provide support and discussion support for pupils, families and the whole school community.

The aim is to lower the threshold for reporting sexual offenses or the threat of them. Psychiatric nurses go to schools. The City of Oulu will also offer support to the victims and their families in health care centers.

Security and media skills are strengthened

Children and young people are taught how to use social media safely. Young people, teachers and those working with young people are offered guidance on security and media skills and they are trained to deal with the issue in a way that is appropriate for each age group. All the schools will get a person who gives information and advice in how to use social media. In spring regional evenings will be offered to parents. The main focus is how to behave safely in social media.

In addition to the police and other authorities, the City of Oulu will work with the church and other organizations. Young people will be guided to get help in existing channels.

The City of Oulu is asking for financial support from the Ministry of Finance for these and future actions.

Multilingual info

The city of Oulu provides multilingual info services at Multicultural centre Villa Victor. Services are provided in 12 different languages. More information about opening hours and languages can be found via the following link: ouka.fi/oulu/villavictor-english/information-service-in-different-languages

As per need, the multilingual assistant can further direct you to social and health support services. At the social welfare centre you can recieve guidance and if you dont speak Finnish, the worker will book an interpretor for you.


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