Borrowed materials can be returned to any OUTI library.

All special items and objects must be returned to the library from which they were borrowed.

Interlibrary loans are usually returned to the lending department on the second floor of Oulu main library. If you have picked up an interlibrary loan from another library than the main library, you can also return the item to the same library.


Return request

If a loan is overdue, the library will send the customer a return request. In the request the customer is asked to return the loan as soon as possible. Return request is sent within a week after the due date.


Return box

Many libraries have a return box where you can return books also when the library is closed. You may only return books in the return box. You cannot return CDs or DVDs to the return box.

Returning books in the box is always at the customer's own risk. This means that the customer is responsible if something happens to the materials in the box.

The return box in the Oulu main library is closed during the last opening hour.

Returning machine