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LUMO Light Festival Oulu
23–25 November 2018

This year’s Lumo Light Festival is concentrated within Oulu city centre and spans only one weekend. Once again, the festival is highly international, and most of the artworks receive their Finnish premieres in Oulu and Lumo. The selection features also many pieces made by local artists and communities from Oulu. Lumo Festival 2018 is already the sixth of its kind in Oulu.

The theme of the Lumo Festival this year is feelings, which the artworks placed on display arouse in many forms – reaching beyond everyday experience, even touching on the sublime. Landscapes of the moon, a tempest of love arising from unknown forces, love darning the torn-up world together, a street ripped apart to reveal the underworld, longing and death, emotions hiding in the depths of consciousness, journeys around the world, between the heavenly and the infernal – all of these are central themes and images of this year’s Lumo Festival.

The Lumo Light Festival invites everyone to embark on an adventure of light and shadows in Oulu this November.

Darned by Love

Vital Condition

Galleria 5, Hallituskatu 5
By Tiina Vehkaperä

Tiina Vehkaperä’s light sculptures combine new technology with 1.8-billion-year-old rocks, 18th century antique and today’s materials from plastic toys to garden findings. Her pieces speak of phenomena and elements that seem to repeat themselves in life and perhaps keep us alive. What is essential about Vehkaperä’s art is understanding existence, the essence of communication, and observing humanity and the dynamics of human relations.



Madetoja Park
By Flowers of Life

As the name of the piece suggests, Initium depicts the beginning, followed by our consequent long journey around the globe. Viewers may wonder and gasp at this magic world in an installation combining three-dimensional, symmetric forms with the glow of UV light.

In the City of Shadows

Myllytulli School, Kirkkokatu 1
Guided tours: 23-24 November at 5 pm. and at 6 pm.18, 25 November at 4 pm. and 5 pm.
By Myllytulli School and Oulu tourist guides

In the City of Shadows is a luminous entity – a roller coaster of feelings from love to horror. The arts class pupils from Myllytulli School’s grades 3 to 9 have created pieces of light art that are on display in the windows of Myllytulli School and in nearby trees throughout the festival. The themes of the pieces arise from the pupils’ own stories related to buildings near the school and historical characters still present in them as ”shadows”.

Sturm Der Liebe

The piece is realised with impressive video mapping technique where the illusion of a living world is created on the facade of the building with powerful projectors.

Emotions are flaring up everywhere, and as the chaos of passion takes over everything, the storm has reached its climax. Every element from the tiniest molecule onward is in constant motion. There are countless ways in which a rising hurricane resembles the ups and downs of a passionate relationship. Sturm der Liebe visualises this metaphor from various angles. Relief eventually comes when the tempest dies down and emotions cool down. All is peaceful again. Or is this just calm before the storm? Throw yourself into the embrace of the images projected onto Oulu Cathedral, propelled by the powerful soundtrack by composer AMyn.


Skeleton Dance

Kirkkokatu 9
By: Skullmapping (Belgia)
Sponsored by: LähtiTapiola

In 'Skeleton Dance', the street breaks open to reveal the underworld to the public. An unpleasant discovery, as there are gruesome skeletons hiding under the paving stones… But what starts out as a nightmare takes an unexpected turn and even has a romantic ending...

We created a mapping project in which we developed a new technique to project onto the cobblestones  instead of onto a building. A procedure similar to the well-known street paintings, but with moving images.



Oulu City Hall, Kirkkokatu
By John Collingswood

The idea for this piece came from the well-known ink blot test introduced by Hermann Roschach for psychological testing. Rorschach’s test is an example of the human tendency to give form to chaos. When people are shown abstract images, they will eventually start seeing something familiar in them. However, the purpose of this piece is not to make viewers look for meanings in the vortex of shapes but enjoy the dance of colours as such. The images for the installation were created by filming ink being dropped into a pool of water. Simon Bayer-Pedersen and James Hansen assisted John Collingswood in realising the piece.

Museum Of The Moon

Shopping Centre Valkea
By: Luke Jerram, (UK)
Sponsored by: Shopping Centre Valkea

Measuring  seven metres  in diameter, the  moon features 120dpi  detailed NASA imagery of  the lunar surface. At an approximate  scale of 1:500,000, each centimetre of  the internally lit spherical sculpture represents  5km of the moon’s surface. The installation is a fusion  of lunar imagery, moonlight and surround sound composition created by BAFTA and Ivor  Novello award winning composer Dan Jones. 

More info:



At home

  • As. Oy Oulun Marskinpuisto, Kirkkokatu 33
  • As. Oy Gibraltar, Pakkahuoneenkatu 19
  • As. Oy Åströmin Aukea, Kasarmintie 12

By Lehto Asunnot and LUO Arkkitehdit

Today’s construction site is tomorrow’s home. Lehto Asunnot and LUO Arkkitehdit offer the opportunity to see the construction sites of Oulu city centre in a new light. This three-part piece of light art can be seen at construction sites of Lehto Asunnot in the centre of Oulu.

Comics in the Polar Night

Frog Building, Saaristonkatu 22
By Oulu Comics Centre and Coronaria Eye Hospital

Sponsored by: Coronaria Eye Hospital

This year, the Oulu Nordic Comics Competition searched for comics to combine with a piece of light art. Now the best works from the competition light up the wall of the Frog Building in Oulu city centre. The piece is part of official Oulu Comics Festival programme and realised in collaboration with Lumo Light Festival and Coronaria Eye Hospital. You can follow the festive opening of the piece at the statue of Teuvo Pakkala in Vaaranpuisto park on Nov 23 at 6 p.m.

Oulu Light Hack

Game Lab, Rantakatu 3
By Oulu University of Applied Sciences

The winning team of Oulu Light Hack competition present their piece at Game Lab. The winner was selected in a competition between teams consisting of artists, designers and engineers from various disciplines. The goal of the participating teams was to develop innovative means of using and directing light.

Uumen: extracts from the ballet Saivo

Cultural Centre Valve (lobby windows), Hallituskatu 7
Fri 23 Nov at 5, 6 and 9 p.m.
Sat 24 Nov at 5, 6 and 9 p.m.
Sun 25 Nov at 6, 7 and 8 p.m.
Production: Ballet production team Tenho
Choreography: Alexandra Tiger
Music: Niilo Korsulainen
Lights: Erkka Haavisto
Visual expression: Reetta Hellgren, Janne Räisänen, Pauliina Vilmi, Alexandra Tiger
Dancers: Lenninsiipi, Oulu School of Performing Arts

Uumen is based on the myth of Pakasaivo, a gorge lake up north in Lapland. People used to believe there was a hole at the bottom of the lake that served as an entrance to the upside down world of Saivo people. The oxygenless water at the bottom of the lake preserves everything that has sunk there. Love, longing, joy and loss – Uumen deals with innermost, untouched human emotions.

Map Poetic

Cultural Centre Valve, Valvesali, Hallituskatu 7
Fri 23 Nov – Sat 24 Nov, 4.15–6.15 p.m.
By Fabrik Nomade and Jojo – Oulu Dance Centre with the support of Spedidam, Adami, HDA-Un Centre D'Art-Toulon-France, Conseil Départemental du Var-France, Ville de Toulon-France, Festival Intramurs-Valencia-Spain, Ecla Artothèque-Saint Cloud-France.

This multi-disciplinary performance installation is an inclusive number by artists from Fabrik Nomade (FRA). The piece is realised in the Valvesali hall on the set of Ma An Pa Go Party cabaret between its shows. Come and drop by, stop and participate in this piece combining light, colours, expression and joy – as created by Pom Bouvier B, William Petit and Carlos Molina Llorens.

Edgar Allan Poe – The Raven

Cellar of Aleksinkulma, Aleksanterinkatu 9
Showtimes: every night at 6 and 7 p.m.
Limited number of tickets available. Pre-booking:
By ATT-Ensemble
Director: Matti-Pekka Heikura
Actor: Mika Kiviniemi
Lights, projection and sounds: Matti-Pekka Heikura ja Mika Kiviniemi

The insightful symbolism of Edgar Allan Poe’s poems and short stories has aroused feelings in his readers for nearly two centuries and made them ponder over Poe’s conceptions about life, love and death. Poe’s poem The Raven covers a wide range of feelings from desperate longing to heartbreaking love and mortal terror. ATT-Ensemble’s realisation of the poem’s atmosphere is amplified by a stage experimentally painted with light and darkness.

LED Workshop

Oulu Main Library, first floor lobby
Fri 23 Nov, 5 p.m.–7.45 p.m.
By University of Oulu Electrical Engineers’ Guild

The Electrical Engineers’ Guild at the University of Oulu will arrange a fun drop-in LED workshop also this year.

Longing, hope, love, rage

Fri 23 Nov – Sun 25 Nov at 18 ???
By Riutta

In the darkness of Linnansaari, a mystical glass container is glowing, with local music group Riutta operating inside. This progressive rock band has arranged some of its music into a special one-hour piece woven out of longing, hope, lope and rage. Projections and befitting lights merge seamlessly with the atmospheric soundscape.

Spotify link to Riutta’s music:


Concerts in Oulu Cathedral

Fri 23 Nov at 5 p.m.
aCorde & Coru: Kun sä laulat sydämellä

Fri 23 Nov at 7 p.m.
Cappella pro Vocale: Lux Aeterna – Music brings light into the polar night!

Fri 23 Nov at 9 p.m.
Three organists in concert: Péter Marosvári, Lauri-kalle Kallunki and Elias Niemelä
The cathedral is open during the festival weekend between 4 and 10 p.m (night church on Saturday, doors open until 24 p.m.). There is a voluntary programme fee for entering the concerts.

Wave of Fire

Rotuaari Stage, Kirkkokatu 17
Sat 24 Nov at 6 p.m.
Sun 25 Nov at 6 p.m.
By Flamenco society Palo Nuevo and fire performance group Tulikukka
Guitarists: Kari Suvilehto and Oula Mommo
Choreography: Elina Robinson/Tulikukka

Feelings erupt when flamenco and fire encounter on the Rotuaari Stage. This powerful performance rushes over you like a wave of fire. It warms you confidently and touches you deep within.

Lumo walking tours

25 Nov at 4 p.m. (in Finnish)
25 Nov 14 5.30 p.m. (in English)
Start location: Oulu Tourist Information, Torikatu 18
By Architect SAFA Henrika Pihlajaniemi

The popular walking tours to the many light installations in the city are organised also this year. The tour can take up to 30 people and the duration is about an hour. Free tickets can be obtained from the Tourist Information Centre at Toriportti Shopping Centre (Torikatu 18) before the festival – please follow our communication.

Shouldered Streetlight

Festival area
By Jan Philip Scheibe (Germany)

A man dressed in black is carrying a streetlight on his shoulder. When the burden gets too heavy, he lowers the lamppost from his shoulder and stops. His journey has taken him all the way across Europe to roam the streets of Oulu during Lumo Light Festival.

Glow of the City Brook

Lighting for the Kaupunginoja brook, stretching from Lyötynpuisto Park to Pokkisenpuisto Park.
Commissioner: City of Oulu, Community and Environmental Services
Designer: Sitowise Oy

The idea of lighting the park zone along Kaupunginoja city brook is based on the original purpose of the parks to stop fires from spreading within the city. The structures, vegetation and sculptures in the parks lining the brook are emphasised by lighting them with different shades of warm orange and white – the shades of fire. The lighted elements are limited close to the brook, stressing its significance as the backbone of the park zone. Lighting along the passageways in the parks will be unified and the light fixtures fitted with energy-saving LED technology.

See the Frog Building with fresh eyes

Saaristonkatu 22
By Coronaria Eye Hospital, Lighting Design Collective Oy, Tapio Rosenius

The facade of Coronaria’s new offices at Sammakkotalo (Frog Building) is lighted with a permanent piece of light art designed by Lighting Design Collective Oy, the design agency of Tapio Rosenius who is originally from Oulu.

The towers of Tervakartano – permanent façade lighting at Byström house

Byström house, Hallituskatu 5
By Sito Oy, Niina Meronen, Saara Peltonen and Suvi Saastamoinen
Commissioner: Oulu Facilities Centre

Oulu Facilities Centre provides one building with permanent lighting every year. An object to be completed this year is the Byström House, which was designed by architect Hugo Neumann and completed in 1884. The idea is to respect the history of the old mansion with subtle façade illumination and to highlight the most exquisite features of the building.

Pölökkypää Village and Path

Kurtinhauta nature and culture path, Luotsiasemantie 83, Martinniemi
Sat 24 Nov at 3 p.m., village and path lighted on 24–25 November
By Martinniemi Village Society, Maakinen Martinniemi, Cultural Centre Valve and Aura OK.

On the Pölökkypää path in the coastal woods of Kurtinhauta, you can meet Pölökkypää sculptures and wind chimes made from recycled materials. They bring peculiar nuances to the soundscape of humming wind, rushing sea and tinkling ice. At the path’s opening event, the story of Pölökkypää characters is narrated by means of verbal art and music. The village society serves coffee and warm juice at an outdoor fireplace. Along the path, there is the Anchor of Hope where anyone can bring their own candle in memory of those who have gone away to distant lands. Tulikukka fire show at 4 p.m.

Music for the theme: Vastarannan Siili – ’Pölökkypäitten laulu’ music video (lyrics: Jyrki Mäki, music: Markus Lampela, video: Jukka Takalo)


Old-fashioned Christmas Market in Oulunsalo

Oulunsalo Local History Museum, Jääsköntie 5, Oulunsalo
24–25 Nov, Sat 10 a.m.–4 p.m., Sun 11 a.m.–4 p.m.
By Oulunsalo Local History Society with several partners.

Christmas begins in Oulunsalo! This is the seventh year that the warm and traditional Old-fashioned Christmas Market takes place in the idyllic surroundings of Oulunsalo Local History Museum and church. The goods on sale include only homemade products, handicraft and pastries. There is a lot to see and do at the market. You can meet Santa Claus in an old granary, listen to choir music and Star Boys, bake a bun on a stick, enjoy fresh pancakes and rice porridge, and the children can ride ponies and pet some sheep. The event ends with a Tulikukka fire performance on Sunday at 3.30 p.m.


Village school is glowing!

Location: Sanginsuu village school, Sanginsuuntie 56, 90650 Oulu
Sun 25 Nov at 4 p.m.
By Sanginsuu-Lapinkangas-Sanginjoki Village Society

The little village school of Sanginjoki is lighted in honour of the school’s 90th anniversary. An event with warm rice porridge and Christmas carols begins when the lights are switched on. The programme starts with a Tulikukka fire performance at 4 p.m.


Program Manager Jarkko Halunen
+ 358 44 703 8274

Producer Anna Lanas
+358 44 317 1282


Past festivals

Lumo Light Festival Oulu was celebrated for the fifth time in 2017. The theme of the festival was “Encounters”. Visitors came across astonishing encounters in familiar environments, in virtual worlds, and with characters from the past painted with lights. The festival lightened up the darkest days of the year and created stunning views, strange appearances and performances that enabled the audience to see their environment with new eyes.

The weekend 17–19 November was the main weekend of the festival, during which the works of European guest artists and groups were exhibited and most of the festival events were kicked off. The works and events of the main weekend were on display mostly in and around downtown Oulu.

The program continued until Finland’s centennial independence celebration on 6 December. The light artworks with their different shades of blue on the last week of the festival were part of the official Finland 100 programme in Oulu.

Once again, the Lumo Light Festival also left a long-lasting impact in the cityscape with permanent light installations.