In English - Lumo - Oulun kaupunki


Already for the fifth time in a row, Lumo Light Festival Oulu brings light to the centre of Oulu at the darkest time of the year. 

This year's festival theme is “Encounters”. It awakens the city slumbering in the darkness with dozens of local, national and international light artworks to a glory. Works are placed around the center of the city in an area bordered by Mäkelininkatu, Kauppurienkatu, Aleksanterinkatu and Linnankatu. 

Lumo festival is not only about visual appeal, everybody is welcome to attend the event. 

The whole program will be published in October.

17.–19.11. The Whale

The Whale is a luminous and auqatic installation which represents the marine animal at full size. In a feeric show, this giant machinery offer to the audience the possibility to see the graceful mammal, with light and water effect. This is a way to bring the ocean in the street, or the street in the sea.

Producer: Louxor Spectacle, France

Place: Linnansaari Island – The Market Square

12.11.–1.12. Colours

Colors is a communal media work, whose content is collected by school children in Oulu. John Collingswood, a British-born artist living in Oulunsalo, creates an installation to the Kulttuuritalo Valve  of the videos taken by schoolchildren.  Installation glows in all rainbow colors through recycled displays and projectors. Pupils' assignments emphasize the ability to narrow the subject and find the true essence of the colors.

Producer: John Collingswood ja Cultural Centre Valve

Place: Cultural Centre Valve

17.–19.11. Colored Mosaic

Interactive installation allows people to play with the building, giving them the opportunity to become artists and paint the facade with colours, multiple and amazing patterns inspired in Finland’s culture, such as the rich and colourful traditional costumes and the modern patterns of the Finn designer Alvar Aalto. Light Paintings provides a different way of looking at the building, and results in a vibrant, rich and dynamic facade, totally unexpected.

Producer: OCUBO, Portugal

Paikka: The wall of the City Hall



Festival Director Samu Forsblom
+358 44 703 7558

Program Manager Jarkko Halunen
+ 358 44 703 8274

Producer Anna Lanas
+358 44 317 1282