Lumo Light Festival Oulu is celebrated for the fifth time in 2017. The theme of the festival this year is “Encounters”. Visitors will come across astonishing encounters in familiar environments, in virtual worlds, or with characters from the past painted with lights. Festival lightens up the darkest days of the year and creates stunning views, strange appearances and performances that will enable us to see our environment with new eyes.

The first weekend 1719 November is the main weekend of the festival, during which the works of European guest artists and groups are exhibited and most of the festival events are kicked off. The works and events of the main weekend are on display mostly in and around downtown Oulu.

The program will continue until Finland’s centennial celebration on 6 December. The light artworks with their different shades of blue on the festival’s last week are part of the Finland 100 -programme in Oulu.

Once again Lumo Light Festival will also leave long-lasting impact in the cityscape with permanent light installations.


17.–19.11. The Whale (FRA)

The Whale is a luminous and auqatic installation which represents the marine animal at full size. In a feeric show, this giant machinery offer to the audience the possibility to see the graceful mammal, with light and water effect. This is a way to bring the ocean in the street, or the street in the sea.

17–19 November, 4–10 pm

The whale swims every hour, length 30 minutes

Producer: Louxor Spectacle, France

Place: Linnansaari Island – The Market Square

12.11.–6.12. Colours

Colors is a communal media work, whose content is collected by school children in Oulu. John Collingswood, a British-born artist living in Oulunsalo, creates an installation to the Kulttuuritalo Valve  of the videos taken by schoolchildren.  Installation glows in all rainbow colors through recycled displays and projectors. Pupils' assignments emphasize the ability to narrow the subject and find the true essence of the colors.

Producer: John Collingswood ja Cultural Centre Valve

Place: Cultural Centre Valve

17.–19.11. Colored Mosaic (POR)

Interactive installation allows people to play with the building, giving them the opportunity to become artists and paint the facade with colours, multiple and amazing patterns inspired in Finland’s culture, such as the rich and colourful traditional costumes and the modern patterns of the Finn designer Alvar Aalto. Light Paintings provides a different way of looking at the building, and results in a vibrant, rich and dynamic facade, totally unexpected.

Producer: OCUBO, Portugal

Paikka: The wall of the City Hall


17.–19.11. Callitriche (AUT)

17–19 November, 4–10 pm

Madetoja park
By Leo Bettinelli, Circus Lumineszenz, Austria

Callitriche is a three-dimensional object, a kind of umbrella or a meeting place where we can seek refuge or protection from light. The artist himself has composed the sound landscape of this work.



17.–26.11. Avatar

17–26 November
Culture House Valve, Hallituskatu 7 and Non Boutique, Pakkahuoneenkatu 5

By John Collingswood  

Avatar is an artwork in which a human being turns into an avatar, a figure that meets other people's avatars in real time on the streets of Oulu. In this work, the viewer's image becomes a colourful neon figure in a virtual world created in a shop window, where it meets the reflections of the people in the adjoining block. Avatar is a difficult to define but definitely a fun experience.

17.–22.11. Valoa / Lights

17– 22 November, 4–10 pm
The island of Kiikeli, Hila pavilion
By Jovana Lukic and Eetu Hyvönen

The work creates a spatial, labyrinth-like installation in the park. It is a beautiful lantern-like structure from afar, but offers new perspectives when it is watched at close range. The multi-layered play with light and shadow creates a dreamlike environment where encountering one’s inner and outer reality seems to be close.

17.–29.11. Lux Aeterna – Lighting of the Oulu Cathedral

17–29 November
Oulu Cathedral, Kirkkokatu 3a
By light installation designer Jari Haavikko

The light work at the Oulu Cathedral emphasizes the static nature and symbolic significance of the church. The church is a place of silence and contemplation in which every visitor's experience is both communal and personal. The purpose of the lighting is to support and deepen this experience.

Events where lighting is part of the content: Night Church, 18-19 November 4 pm–11 pm and Iina Palokangas concert, 18 November 7 pm, Péter Marosvars and Iliko Pogány's record release concert, 24 November 7 pm, Elias Niemelä’s concert Fiat Lux 26 November 6 pm and Tuira Chamber Choir concert Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem 29 November 8 pm. For further information:

17.11. Led-värkkäystyöpaja / Led workshop

17 November, 5 pm - 7.45 pm
Oulu main library, Kaarlenväylä 3, 1st floor multi-purpose room
By Electrical Engineers’ Guild at the University of Oulu

Electrical Engineers’ Guild at the University of Oulu will arrange a fun drop-in LED workshop.

17.11. Kohtaamispaikka “Yhdessä” / Meeting Place “Together”

From 17 November
Ahtisaari Square, Market Square
By Oulun Energia Urakointi Oy, Myllytulli school 4th–6th graders and Oulu International School’s 5th and 6th graders

Oulun Energia Urakointi Oy celebrates the 100-year-old Finland with gobo light installations. In the nearby schools, an image competition was organized with the Finland's centennial theme Together. The winners, which will be shown in the gobo light installation at Ahtisaari Square, are three works from Myllytulli school. Other works in the competition can be seen at Oulun Energia’s Valoa-seminar, on Oulun Energia's website and in other marketing channels.

17.11. Encounters between light and dark at Toriportti

17 November
Blue and white lighting 1–3 December, 4–10 pm
Toriportti shopping centre, Torikatu 18
By Whitenight Lighting Oy / Arto Heiskanen

Toriportti invites you to be enchanted by the encounters between light and dark when the architectural lighting of the shopping centre's façade illuminates the dark northern nights. The 100th anniversary of Finland's independence is celebrated in blue and white colours.

The towers of Tervakartano – permanent façade lighting at Byström house

Facade lighting will be completed by the end of 2017
Byström house, Hallituskatu 5
By Sito Oy, Niina Meronen, Saara Peltonen and Suvi Saastamoinen
Ordered by Oulu Facilities Centre

Oulu Facilities Centre provides one building with a permanent lighting every year. This year the object is the Byström House, which was designed by architect Hugo Neumann and completed in 1884. The idea is to respect the history of the old mansion with subtle façade illumination and to highlight the most exquisite features of the building, towers and decorations.

Lumoavat LEDit Luminous / LEDs – lighting design competition

17–30 November
Oulu main library, exhibition room, Kaarlenväylä 3
By Valtavalo Oy and students of industrial design at Lapland University

The purpose of the lighting design competition is to describe the versatility of LED lighting tubes as a lighting solution. LED tube replaces the traditional fluorescent tube, and it is possible to build up the most diverse lighting around it that is suitable for a wide variety of applications. We expect to see solutions from stylish office lighting to reading lamps and from public space design lights to every home's general lighting. Only our imagination sets the limits. The winner of the competition is elected by public vote. Valtavalo's expert panel will also select its winner.

18.–27.11. Pölökkypäiden kylä ja poloku / The Village and the Path of Jugheads

Opening 18 November, 4 pm. The village and the path are illuminated on 18–27 November
Kurtinhauta nature and culture trail, Luotsiasemantie 83, Martinniemi
By Martinniemi village association, Maakinen Martinniemi, Aura OK and regional cultural services in Valve

Jyrki Mäki's Pölökkypäiden poloku ja kylä is situated in Kurtinhauta forest in Martinniemi. At the opening ceremony, the village association offers coffee and warm drinks. More information:

18.–30.11. Werneri Holopaisen Tutkimuksia / Investigations of Werneri Holopainen

Chiaroscuro theatre performance
18–30 November, exact times and places:
By ATT-Ensemble

Directed, written, light and sound design Matti-Pekka Heikura
Music Kimmo Nieminen,
Costume design and props Niina Heikura
In roles Aleksi Höylä, Sini-Sisko Kalajoki, Pete Miettunen, Marianne Turtio

Werneri Holopaisen tutkimuksia is a play that sheds light on Oulu's forgotten stories. Through this, the modern man can meet the less well-known characters of history in a vivid way and reflect upon present day with the centuries that have passed. More information on times and venues:

Outoja ihmiskohtaloita / Odd human fates

18 November Tervasoihtu, 4 pm and 5 pm

Paholainen kulkee Oulussa / The Devil in Oulu

22 November Graali, 7 pm and 9 pm

Veijareita ja rosvoja

23 November Kaarlenholvi, 7pm and 8 pm

Kootut tutkimukset / Collected investigations

24 November Lyseon Sali, 7 pm and 9 pm
25 November Lyseon Sali, 7 pm and 9 pm
30 November Aleksinkulman Iso Hansa, 7 pm

The piece is performed for a limited amount of audience. Ticket reservations:
No advance bookings for performances at Tervasoihtu, Graali and Kaarlenholvi.

18.–30.11. Viimeinen sammuttaa valot / Last One Turns the Lights Off

18–30 November, 4 pm-10 pm, premiere 18 November, 5 pm
Mäkelininkatu 29
By Veeran verstas ry and Oulun katutaide ry

Mäkelininkatu 29 becomes a cross-artistic performance. The windows reflect the key encounters and break-ups in the history of the building. The walls of the house are painted and reflected with images, fragrances and moments of the building. The leaking walls speak with light, sound and images. In this farewell performance before the house is demolished, the locals can illuminate their memories until the last one turns the lights off.

19.11. Light Walking Tours

19 November, 4 pm (Finnish)
19 November, 5.30 pm (English)
Start: Oulu Tourist Information, Torikatu 18
By architect SAFA Henrika Pihlajaniemi

The popular light walking tours to the many light installations in the city are organized even this year. The tour can take up to 30 people and the duration of the tour is about an hour. Free tickets can be obtained from the Tourist Information Centre at Toriportti Shopping Centre, address Torikatu 18. Tickets can be picked up before the festival, please check the information

20.–21.11. Zodiacal Lights of Onségen

20–21 November 10.30 am - 5 pm
22 November 10.30 am - 10 pm, Onségen Ensemble live 8 pm - 10 pm
Tuba, Mannenkatu 2
By Onségen Ensemble and Teemu Yli-Elsilä

Zodiacal Lights of Onségen is a sound and light installation featuring the Onségen gig on 22 November at 8 pm - 10 pm. At other times the artwork is lit up without sound. Free entrance.

21.11. Guerrilla Lighting – light workshop and light parade

21 November starting at 10 am (workshop) and 21 November, 6 pm (parade)
Kulttuuriolohuone BINGO, Mäkelininkatu 29 (workshop and start for parade)
By EASA Finland ry and Arkkitehdit m3 Oy

Guerrilla Lighting creates encounters in an urban environment and makes us see familiar places in a new way through temporary lighting. The three-stage Guerrilla Lighting Workshop designs and implements lighting installations in selected Oulu locations and buildings with the help of portable light source. The light parade presents the installations to the audience. The workshop is managed by architect TkT, lighting designer Henrika Pihlajaniemi.

Guerrilla Lighting is part of the INCM Lapland 2017 event for European architect students organized by EASA Finland. The workshop will be held in English. The workshop has a limited number of places. Sign up and more information on timetables: The parade is open to public and does not require advance booking.

22.–24.11. Valokooma / Light Coma

22–24 November, 6–8 pm
Galleria Kooma, Tarkka-ampujankatu 14
By Oulu University of Applied Sciences/students of Experimental Graphic Design, lecturer Petri Kulju, producer Milla-Maija Kemppainen.

Valokooma is an experimental laboratory that offers the visitor a journey somewhere else. The eye in itself is not enough, one must also think. Lighted visual elements can be seen in the room. Some of the work is outdoors, so dress up warmly.

23.11. Additional lighting in Patosilta

23 November
Patosilta passage
By Oulu Energy Urakointi Oy, Kaisa Poikela and Pekka Nietula

Merikoski power plant is a significant landmark in Oulu. The inhabitants have adopted the Patosilta passage as part of the city's cycle and walking network. In honor of the anniversary of Finland's independence, Oulun Energia Urakointi Oy illuminates the route in order to improve the inhabitants sense of comfort, safety and the overall image of the area.


23.11. Valoa – professional seminar and fair

23 November at 9 am5 pm
Areena Oulu, Tyrnäväntie 16
By Oulun Energia Urakointi Oy

The seminar is arranged annually, and this year's main keynote speakers are the future researcher Risto Linturi and international lighting designer Antti Hiltunen (Lighting Design Collective). Free entry. For more information and enrolment:

23.–26.11 Lībrō

23–24 November 8.30 pm, 25 November 4.30 pm and 26 November 4.30 pm
Oulu main library, Kaarlenväylä 3
By Ilmatila

Lībrō is a space-oriented aerobatics project designed in the concrete environment of the Oulu main library and performed by the circus artist and air acrobat Ilona Jäntti, who has also directed the performance, and Panamanian air acrobat Eleonora Dall'Asta. Inkeri Jäntti is behind the production and visual implementation. Oulun Energia and Taike have financed the completion of the work.

24.11.–6.12. Lossi loistaa! / Glowing Ferry of Pikkarala

24 November–6 December, 6 pm
Pikkarala ferry is situated on the northern shore of the Oulu river in Lapinkangas. Lapinkankaantie, 90660 Oulu.
By Sanginsuu-Lapinkangas-Sanginjoki village association and regional cultural services in Valve

Pikkarala ferry at Oulujoki River is illuminated for two weeks.

25.11. Satumaiset lyhdyt / Fabulous Lanterns

25 November workshop at 11 am–3 pm, light installation from 4 pm
The park outside Pohjankartano
By Oulu-opisto

In honour of the 110th anniversary of the Oulu-opisto, Pohjankartano will host Finland’s largest open and free workshop day. You can participate either alone or together with other in Fabulous Lanterns light installation and workshop. During the autumn, lanterns are created also in handicraft and visual arts groups . All the lanterns made during the autumn and at the Saturday workshop are hung up in a joint light installation in the park outside Pohjankartano. During the week after the event, everyone can pick up their own lantern, the remaining lanterns are donated to charity.

25.–26.11 Oulunsalon Entisajan Joulumarkkinat / Old Christmas market in Oulunsalo

25–26 November Sat 10 am–4 pm, Sun 11 am–4 pm
Oulunsalo Museum of Local History and Culture, Jääsköntie 5, Oulunsalo
By local history association Oulunsalo Ry, museum and science centre Luuppi, Oulunsalo congregation, regional cultural services in Valve

The old Christmas market in Oulunsalo is a traditional market outside the Oulunsalo Museum of Local History and Culture.

25.–26.11. Loistava Pohjois-Pohjanmaa / Brilliant Northern Ostrobothnia – light art tour

25–26 November, 6 pm – 8 pm
Former early childhood education campus at the University of Oulu, Maunonkatu 2
By curator Jukka Huitila, light artist Ainu Palmu, visual artist Heidi Kesti and light technician Tuomas Turpeenoja

Brilliant Northern Ostrobothnia is is part of the Finland 100 jubilee programme. The tour is organized by the Arts Promotion Center in cooperation with the Lumo Light Festival, and it is Taike’s project within the theme year #taideliikuttaa. The tour has been supported by the participating municipalities as well as the Arts Promotion Center, Council of Oulu Region, and Oulu Energia. The tour will visit several cities and locations.


1.12. Smart Lighting special session ATUT 2017 symposium

1 December 2017
The University of Oulu, Tellus Innovation Arena, Pentti Kaiteran katu 1, Linnanmaa
By The University of Oulu, the faculty of architecture

Intelligent lighting is part of the international symposium at the University of Oulu’s faculty of architecture. Find out what is going on in the field of research and in practice, and discuss topical lighting issues. The other themes of the symposium are related to smart cities and intelligent architecture. For more information, program and registration instructions, visit

1.12. Suomi-luistelu / Finland skating

1 December, 5 pm – 7 pm
Raksila artificial ice, Urheilukatu
By Oulu sports services

Finland skating is a sporting event for the whole family with an array of activities. The theme is Finland so the audience is welcome to dress accordingly. This fun family event is part of the Finland 100 programme in Oulu.

2.12. Piirroksia kaamoksessa / Drawings in the Polar Night

2 December, 3 pm – 7 pm
Oulu main library, Kaarlenväylä 3
By Oulu Comics Center

Drawings in the Polar Night live cartoon performance is part of the Oulu Comics Festival. During the event, cartoonists participating in the Oulu Comics Festival draw cartoons and illustrations based on the Lumo Light Festival’s theme ‘encounters’. The cartoons are projected in real time on the concrete wall above the library's main entrance.

2.–3.12. Luminous Finland 100 – light installation in Kuusisaari

2–3 December, 4–12 pm. Performing art every hour 4 pm – 10 pm
Kuusisaari Event Park
By Kari Kola

In this performance, light, Jean Sibelius’ Kuusi performed by the pianist Janne Mertanen, and a dance performance by dancer-choreographer Saija Jäntti all placed in the unique city landscape of Kuusisaari create a unique, magical experience. Luminous is part of the Finland 100 -programme.


Festival Director Samu Forsblom
+358 44 703 7558

Program Manager Jarkko Halunen
+ 358 44 703 8274

Producer Anna Lanas
+358 44 317 1282