Lumo Light Festival Oulu
22–24 November 2019 from 4 to 10 p.m.

This year the Lumo Light Festival will spread out in Oulu City Centre and the Hupisaaret Park. Organised for the seventh time, the festival brings the cold and dark city to life for a weekend, filling people with joy and light in its many different forms once again. Lumo is a strongly international event, featuring a wide spectrum of installations realised by artists, companies and communities from Oulu, Finland and Europe.

The festival theme this year is “Our Nature”, wrapping the city up in mystical brilliance. The powerful and breathtakingly beautiful nature breaks out from underneath the city architecture and takes us to the world of dreams and fantasies. At the same time, the tendencies of human nature are revealed in all their sensitive and complex forms. Both humanity and our surrounding nature are highlighted in more than 20 programme items.

Download the Lumo 2019 map here (PDF)

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Lumo Walking Tours

Sat 23 - Sun 24 Nov at 4, 5.30 (eng) and 7 p.m.

By Architect SAFA Henrika Pihlajaniemi

Start location: Oulu Tourist Information, Torikatu 18

The popular walking tours to the many light installations in the city are organised also this year. The tour can take up to 30 people and the duration is about an hour. Free tickets can be obtained from the Tourist Information Centre at Toriportti Shopping Centre (Torikatu 18) before the festival - please follow our communication.

Let's light up November – be a part of this glowing phenomenon!

Lumo invites the people, companies and organisations of Oulu to participate in the celebration of light! Illuminate yourself, your mailbox, your office or exhibition space, decorate a tree in your yard, or do something else to make your neighbourhood shine! Inspire your friends and neighbours to join in, too!

Share your lighting on social media with the hashtag #lumoeffect! We will share the photos on Instagram between 18 and 24 November.

Let's make Lumo a real phenomenon together! Share this challenge on social media, tell your workmates or sauna buddies about it, and let's light up Oulu!

#lumovalofestivaali #lumolightfestivaloulu #lumo19


Passage to Ainola Park at the end of Heikinkatu
Realisation: Magdalena Radziszewska (POL)

Dreams, nightmares and phantasms have kindled people’s imagination for ages, arousing anxiety, but also fascination. They constitute a bridge of sorts between the real and the spiritual world, and make it possible for us to discover the meanders of human consciousness and the subconscious. The installation disturbs the boundary between waking and sleeping. The large jellyfish move calmly up and down in the big trees, and the soundscape deepens the observer’s notion of gazing into the depths of the ocean.

Trillenium Garden

Cultural Centre Valve, Hallituskatu 7
Design: Pia Leppänen-Keränen (arts teacher) and Leevi Lehtinen (media artist)

The designers realise this installation with school pupils and STEAM tutors from Oulu. This year’s implementation of this annual community artwork is called Trillenium Garden. Its theme is nature in Oulu in the year 3000. Construction of the piece is part of a lights curriculum for upper comprehensive schools that is currently being developed in Oulu. For example a bunch of 3D bugs in the installation show the impact of STEAM tutoring.


Kirkkokatu 9

Realisation: Saha Prod Oy
In collaboration: LähiTapiola

We are used to seeing pictures of ourselves and reflecting the world through them. We select an image in which the display of a mobile phone or camera mirrors a vision we find pleasant. This installation is enjoyable to the user controlling it and the audience focusing on the user at the same time. We create our identities into the virtual reality together.

Light in the Network

Ainola Park
Realisation: Kari Alonen

The installation by light sculptor Kari Alonen wraps light around itself in beautiful spheres with patterns that reflect out into the surrounding nature.

Dynamic Illumination Northern Ostrobothnia Museum

Ainolanpolku 1
Realisation: Artur Grycuk (POL)

The stately centrepiece of Ainola Park, Northern Ostrobothnia Museum, is shown to viewers in a totally new light. The installation adds fascinating charm and life to the familiar walls, thus emphasising the beauty of the existing architecture. Music completes the visual piece into a spectacular experience that breaks the twilight slumber in the middle of the park square.


Paratiisi island
Realisation: Sophie Guyot (SUI)

Forty-five cocoons pulsating with light cover the mound on Paratiisisaari island like a shoal of fish gathered closely together. They make up an impressive entity that creates the notion of life being born. The creatures make a variety of gentle noises and seem to have come either from prehistoric times or a transgenic future. They invite the visitor to reflect on our ambiguous relationship with nature.

Jungle Book

Greenhouse, Kiikkusaari

Concept & Lighting Designer: Henrika Pihlajaniemi, Arkkitehdit m3 Oy

Sound Designer: Jussi Tuohino
Story: Excerpts from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book, translated into Finnish by Helmi Krohn
Voice Actor: Matti Kemi
Realisation: Oulun Tilakeskus

Amongst the living shadows and lights of the Jungle Book, people can take a seat in a greenhouse in the middle of the autumn darkness. Here they can enjoy the warmth and the light and relax for a while, listening to the story. The story always starts on the hour, but the jungle atmosphere with its sounds and lights can be experienced during other times as well. The shadows are also drawn along the glass walls of the greenhouse for people to view from the park.

The Jungle Book installation was part of the festival programme also in 2014, when a permanent light installation called “Shadows in the Greenhouse” by Henrika Pihlajaniemi was opened inside the greenhouses. The installation creates two different worlds inside the greenhouses and will keep shining also after this year’s festival.

Trout brook

Lasaretinsaari Island
Realisation: The installment by DocArt was commissioned by the “Urban brooks of Hupisaaret” project

The trout, a rare and coveted salmonid, can be urban, too – also in Oulu. Right next to the centre of Oulu, under the surface of brooks flowing in the Hupisaaret park area, you may already catch a glimpse of the spotted migrator swimming majestically in the shelter of rocks and vegetation. The fish enthusiasts of National Resources Institute Finland, the City of Oulu, and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment have worked hard for several years to improve the living conditions for salmonids in Oulu.)

Petteri Saario is known for his wildlife films and television series that depict the relationship between nature and people. Together with his son Ari, he now makes the urban trout and their underwater habitat visible for everyone through virtual means during the light festival. The installation is projected onto the park-side wall of Hotel Lasaretti restaurant building.


Dammisaaren Rapumaja
Realisation: Anna Koivukangas
Soundscape: Jussi Alaraasakka

The cell (Latin: cella – meaning “small room”) is the smallest unit of life. Installation Cella needs darkness in order to shine, but light to be born again. It invites a small group of people at a time to quiet down at cellular level.

Our Nature Our World

Kirkkokatu 2a, Oulu City Hall
Realisation: Gala Stage (EST)
In collaboration: Osuuskauppa Arina

Shadows start creeping on the wall of Oulu City Hall. Soon the building bends, twists and swells, until a crack appears. The architecture gives in and nature breaks out from within the walls. The building that is so familiar to the people of Oulu is now filled with water that comes flooding out. Slowly it starts snowing and the building freezes up. The piece is realised with impressive video mapping technique, in which the illusion of a living world is created on the facade with powerful projectors.

Half in Me

Oulu Museum of Art, 2nd floor, Kasarmintie 9
Realisation: Mirka Kortesoja

Half in Me workshop is an inclusive and multi-disciplinary arts entity. Participants get to paint their faces and hands in a UV-lighted and soundscaped space. Suitable for all ages – children under the age of 10 can attend with a parent. The workshop operates on a non-stop basis. The space accommodates a limited number of participants at a time.


Prunnitori Square
Realisation: Jani Pitkänen, Riku Rousu & team
In collaboration: Fingersoft

Lähde is a unique lay-by with two spaces for three days covering four seasons. It brings nature into the urban darkness as liquid light through five fresh, visualised musical performances.

Lähde is open every day between 4 and 10 p.m. Tuba’s pop-up coffee shop serves refreshments and warmers throughout the evening.

Music shows Fri and Sat at 6, 7 and 8 p.m. and Sun at 6, 6.45, 7.30 and 8.15 p.m. The visuals show and soundscape are on also between the performances.

Check out more specific information about the artists online at

Performance schedule

6 p.m. SPRING Mechanic Membrane
7 p.m. SUMMER Joonatan Aaltonen & Olli Niemitalo
8 p.m. LIQUID LIGHT The Botherers

6 p.m. AUTUMN Kas Kan
7 p.m. WINTER Lasse Tapio Junnila
8 p.m. LIQUID LIGHT The Botherers

6 p.m. SPRING Mechanic Membrane
6.45 p.m. SUMMER Joonatan Aaltonen & Olli Niemitalo
7.30 p.m. AUTUMN Kas Kan
8.45 p.m. WINTER Lasse Tapio Junnila)


Mannenkatu 4
Realisation: Matthieu Tercieux & Cart1

Sessions daily at 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 p.m. (duration 30 mins). At other times, visitors can try making light graffiti by themselves. Instruction available on site.

Light Spray is a device born from the collaboration between programmer Matthieu Tercieux and street-artist Cart1. By means of tools hijacked from the universe of video games, such as the wiimote controller, the artist can create graffiti paintings directly through video projection. Hence we rediscover sensations and effects similar to spray painting.

Dynamic Illumination Valjaskartano

Isokatu 1

Realisation: Artur Grycuk (POL)
In collaboration: Lehto Asunnot

Previously a college, the building is being transformed into apartments and now gets a new pulse under the treatment of Polish light artist Artur Grycuk. You can experience the installation at its best from the Åström Park, where also the accompanying music provides a refreshing detachment from the ordinary.


Realisation: AlexP (NED)
In collaboration: Lehto Asunnot

MAPP is a video mapping system designed by its creator, Dutch programmer Alex Prooper. The installation makes a scan of its surroundings and instantly creates an abstract, moving video mapping of the subject. Festival visitors can become part of the colourful, projected artwork that changes every time.

202020 Inverse

Snellman Park
Realisation: Oulu University of Applied Science, Department of Culture
In collaboration: OP Oulu

202020 Inverse is a journey into the world of codes that emotions and colours entail. What do they communicate? The interactive showcase is realised as a joint piece between the sectors of music, dance and media, and it is part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Department of Culture at OUAS. Come and influence the content of the artwork! Follow the journey on the event’s Facebook page 202020 Inverse and with the hashtag #202020inverse.

Director: Petri Kauppinen
Producer: Milla-Maija Kemppainen
Visual set design: media students, Petri Kulju and Nina Patrikka
Sound and music: music students, Jussi Tuohino
Dance: dance students, Petri Kauppinen and Milla Korja
Light technician: Jari Haavikko
Assistant light technician: John Collingswood

Jewels into Chandeliers

Restaurant Puistola
Realisation: PROTO - Pohjois-Suomen muotoilijat ry

Five finnish jewellers were given free hands in designing chandeliers from their own jewels. The chandeliers are on display in the big window of restaurant Puistola.

The following jewellers are participating:
Kaima Design
Namia Design
Design by KIETO

Oulu2026 in Tweets

Saaristonkatu 22

Realisation: Oulu2026 project in collaboration with Oulu Writers’ Society
In collaboration: Coronaria

Oulu20206 project asked 20 writers from Oulu Writers’ Society to tweet 26 tweets during one year. The tweets formed a unique 20x26 piece of art that describes the very nature of Oulu. Lumo Light Festival presents a part of these tweets projected onto the wall of the Frog Building.

Body of Light

Oulu Museum of Art, Satula space
Realisation: Oulu Dance Hack

4–9.30 p.m., performances on the hour (doors closed, duration 30 mins). Installation available for exploration between performances.

Oulu Dance Hack is an annual event that brings artists from around the world to Oulu to explore the connections between dance and technology. This year, local lighting companies provide the artists with some equipment to use. The artists will have five days to create installations and short performances for Lumo Light Festival.

Forest blanket

Oulu Castle Cellar, Linnansaari 1
Realisation; ATT-Ensemble
Direction and script: Matti-Pekka Heikura
Masks and effects: Mikko Heikura
Music: Kimmo Nieminen
On stage: Marita Jääskö

According to ancient Finnish mythology, forest blanket is a state in which a person is taken by an elf, a goblin or a magpie and disappears from the reach of other mortals – between and beyond tuffets, mosses and lichen-covered trees. It means getting lost, breathing, and finding one’s own path in tranquility. It is in the forest that we find our deepest desires, our most insightful ideas, our worst fears and our strangest encounters.

Forest blanket is a narrative journey that draws its themes from ancient Finnish mythology. It combines elements of chiaroscuro technique and mask theatre.

All the shows are free of charge. A limited number of seats available. Pre-booking via e-mail to

Friday 22 Nov at 7 and 10 p.m.
Saturday 23 Nov at 1, 3, 7 and 9 p.m.
Sun 24 Nov at 3 and 5 p.m.
Duration: approx. 45 mins

Melting Hearts

Behind the theatre at Hupisaaret
Realisation: Ikitalvi ry and Kulttuurivoimala ry

Many cultures believe that the heart is where the life force, spirit, or soul of a human being resides. The beating of the heart is the first sound we hear, already inside the womb. This living and interactive installation contains dozens of icy hearts and living heart statues hidden around the Hupisaaret islands. How many hearts can you find before they melt?


Passage between Lasaretinsaari and the dog park
Realisation: Satu Suvanto, Anna Koivukangas and Ella Käyhkö

The PLASTIC installation has been realised purely by reshaping plastic waste. As a result of the culture of disposable items, millions of tons of plastic waste ends up in nature every year. The system is defective. The installation sheds light on people’s relationship with nature and thereby with themselves.

Light figures

All around the festival area
Realisation: Lentoi Films Oy, Acke Salo & Julian Owusu
Dancers: Julian Owusu, Anniina Jääskeläinen, Taru Turpeinen, Aappo Pääkkölä

The peculiar light figures move around by dancing, popping up here and there, in the strangest of places. The amaze, exhilarate and disappear as quickly as they appeared. Who knows where they will pop up next?

Retro Owl in the Window

The owl, a wise animal with a vision that reaches far and wide, is an integral part of Finnish nature. The owl has also been an integral part of Finnish households ever since the 1950s. The Finnish media changed essentially in 1957 when a commercial TV company called Oy Mainos-TV was established. For nearly three decades, MTV was a small company that rented airtime on the national broadcasting network from Yle. Besides the entertaining content with commercial breaks, the company became instantly identifiable with a winking owl in its logo. The owl finally took off in 1993, when the company was granted an operating licence of its own, and MTV programmes moved to a separate channel, MTV3. Today, MTV is the most viewed commercial TV company in Finland, with entertainment, news, and emotional experiences conveyed to the Finnish public through a multitude of media regardless of time and place.      
Retro Owl in the Window
Location: MTV Oy, Kirkkokatu 19 (4th floor window)
Realisation: MTV Oy
22–24 Nov, 4–10 p.m. every day



I Mannerheim Park lighting / Let’s Dance!

Light design: Ramboll Finland / Valostudio
Landscaping and electrical design: Ramboll Finland
Commissioner: City of Oulu, Urban and Environmental Services

The Mannerheim Park has been renovated to meet the needs of small to medium-sized events and users of all ages. Now the park has been fitted with dynamic special lighting that is changeable according to events and seasons, along with other engineering that the events need. Besides the lighting, the park is equipped with jets of water rising from the paving. In the winter, these jets will be replaced by protective structures shaped like blocks of ice.

During Lumo Light Festival, the park will be a venue for dancing to the beat of special lighting and music. Different dance styles and periodic trends together with the dancing audience create a new venue for Oulu city centre. The installation makes use of the audiovisual system built in the park, welcoming all lovers of light, music and dance!

II Hupisaaret waterside route lighting

Designer: Kaisal Poikela (Oulun Energia Oy) and Veera Sanaksenaho (Urban and Environmental Services)
Commissioner: City of Oulu, Urban and Environmental Services

The landscape lighting emphasises the wonderful trees, structures and fixtures by the dam bridge and the fish ladder. In the twilight, the viewer can discern the parallel stone benches looking toward the estuary. The passage lighting along the route by the waterline has been renewed, and the old boat-towing wharf is highlighted with brooks rippling in the background. The old stone structures at the wharf communicate the history of the area, when empty tar boats were being towed upstream along the channel.

III Hupisaaret Theatre lighting

Designer: Henrika Pihlajaniemi, Arkkitehdit m3 Oy
Commissioner: City of Oulu, Educational and Cultural Services

An architectural competition for the summer theatre pavillion in Hupisaaret was arranged in 2013. Halo Arkkitehdit Oy’s design called Arborea was selected for further development. The renewed theatre was completed before summer 2019, and several different theatrical companies have adopted the venue as their own since. Architect Henrika Pihlajaniemi has designed the programming for the lighting that creates the mood for evening landscape in the park in different situations and season, highlighting the commendable architecture of the theatre itself.


Realised in collaboration with the regional cultural services of the City of Oulu.

Pölökkypää Village and Path

Kurtinhauta nature and culture path, Luotsiasemantie 83, Martinniemi
Sat 24 Nov at 3 p.m., village and path lighted on 24–25 November
By Martinniemi Village Society, Maakinen Martinniemi, Cultural Centre Valve and Aura OK.

On the Pölökkypää path in the coastal woods of Kurtinhauta, you can meet Pölökkypää sculptures and wind chimes made from recycled materials. They bring peculiar nuances to the soundscape of humming wind, rushing sea and tinkling ice. At the path’s opening event, the story of Pölökkypää characters is narrated by means of verbal art and music. The village society serves coffee and warm juice at an outdoor fireplace. Along the path, there is the Anchor of Hope where anyone can bring their own candle in memory of those who have gone away to distant lands. Tulikukka fire show at 4 p.m.

Magical Forest

Oulu Art School, Nuottasaaritalo, Isokatu 94 (Yard at Kirkkokatu end of the building and windows of visual arts classrooms)
Realisation: Oulu Art School
22–24 Nov daily between 4 and 10 p.m.
Fri 22 Nov 5–8 p.m.: Arts workshop where participants can make their own fuzzy reflector.

Magical Forest is a camping trip to unreal nature. Students of visual arts at Oulu Art School have built and painted a Magical Forest next to Nuottasaaritalo and on the windows opening to the yard. You can peek in through the classroom windows and into the depths of the Magical Forest where trees and plants crisscross. Nature comes to life in the glow of UV lighting. At the same time there is a party going on at the Art School. So do not be surprised if you bump into lively students of dance, circus or theatre in the Magical Forest, too.

Starry road to secret world of lights

Timosenkoski Nature School, Timosenkoskentie 44
Realisation: Open day-care centre Heikinharju, Timosenkoski Nature School and outdoor play school of Korvensuora day-care centre
Sat 23 Nov, 4–6 p.m.

The starry road starts in the yard of Timosenkoski Nature School (Timosenkoskentie 44) and ends in a wondrous world of lights in the yard of Heikinharju day-care centre (Heikinharjuntie 50). Head out with all the family and follow the missing pieces of a star – you might gain access to a secret world of lights! There you can make light art, try to catch an elf in the shadows and see how hard your family will laugh in the giggling tunnel. Dress warmly and bring along flashlights and some snacks or sausages to grill, if you like.

Mystery forest

Odessa Park, Mielikintie
Realisation: Puokkaritalo, Kulttuurivoimala ry
22–24 Nov

The Mystery Forest invites families to the surroundings of Puolivälinkangas water tower. See and hear what the camping expeditions find and discover for example in the world of animal characters at the water tower. The world of lights, sounds and characters for the Mystery Forest has been created by Puolivälinkangas residents’ association, Kulttuurivoimala and schools in the near area. The stories of Mystery Forest will remain online also after Lumo Light Festival:


Can you see the wood for the trees?

Log Pavilion, The University of Oulu main entrance, Linnanmaa Campus, Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu
Designer: Participants of OSAaValo lighting design education, instructed by Henrika Pihlajaniemi, University of Oulu, School of Architecture
Funding: European Social Fund ESF and the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of North Ostrobothnia and South Savo.

With the help of dynamic lighting, the light installation studies the dualistic essence of wood: trees as natural living organisms forming space in a forest and timber as industrially processed but traditional Finnish building material, which creates architectural interior and exterior spaces. The installation is designed and produced in a workshop organised by Oulu School of Architecture as part of the project OSAaValo – Northern Attraction from Lighting Know-How. The installation is opened in connection with LUCI Oulu City Under Microscope event.


Jarkko Halunen
+ 358 44 703 8274

Anna Lanas
+358 44 317 1282




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Return to the 2018 festival moods on video


Past festivals

Lumo Light Festival Oulu was celebrated for the fifth time in 2017. The theme of the festival was “Encounters”. Visitors came across astonishing encounters in familiar environments, in virtual worlds, and with characters from the past painted with lights. The festival lightened up the darkest days of the year and created stunning views, strange appearances and performances that enabled the audience to see their environment with new eyes.

The weekend 17–19 November was the main weekend of the festival, during which the works of European guest artists and groups were exhibited and most of the festival events were kicked off. The works and events of the main weekend were on display mostly in and around downtown Oulu.

The program continued until Finland’s centennial independence celebration on 6 December. The light artworks with their different shades of blue on the last week of the festival were part of the official Finland 100 programme in Oulu.

Once again, the Lumo Light Festival also left a long-lasting impact in the cityscape with permanent light installations.