17.6.2023–7.1.2024 The Seasons in Us – Works from the Collections of the Association of Finnish Fine Art Foundations

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I Changing seasons reflect the continuity of life. Collections of the eleven member foundations of the Finnish Fine Art Foundations association have contributed to promoting and passing on the vitality of Finnish visual arts and culture from one generation to the next.

Marjatta Hanhijoki: Aino and Reetu – Visibly So 3

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I Marjatta Hanhijoki (1948–) is a watercolourist and printmaker. To her, making a picture starts from the observation. The exhibition is a comprehensive retrospective of the beloved artist's work. Recurring themes in Hanhijoki's work are colourful interiors and still lives, heartfelt human images and the playful world of children.

Jaakko Autio: OWLA

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I Sound artist Jaakko Autio (1981–) builds a multi-channel sound installation in collaboration with a number of choirs that are active in the area into the dark Tasku exhibition space of the museum. The artist, whose roots are in Ylivieska in North Ostrobothnia, explores spaces between people and the ability of people to merge into larger wholes.

Dinosauria in SuperPark

TIETOMAA SCIENCE CENTRE I The mighty dinosaurs that roamed the earth millions of years ago still fascinate us to this day. Opening in SuperPark in January, Tietomaa’s Dinosauria exhibition will show us a cross-section of the most magnificent dinosaurs from the early Jurassic period to the late Cretaceous. For example, what did the fierce allosaurus and tyrannosaurus look like in full size? Come to SuperPark to have a look and be amazed!

Playroom "Leikkilä"

NORTHERN OSTROBOTHNIA MUSEUM | The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum opens a historical playroom for children. In the playroom, children can experience what it felt like to be a child more than 100 years ago.

De Urbe Uloa
Paintings of Oulu

NORTHERN OSTROBOTHNIA MUSEUM | De Urbe Uloa – Paintings of Oulu showcases paintings from the collections of the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum. Most of the approximately 30 works have never been exhibited before.