Exhibitions of Luuppi

Superscreen movie
Conquest of the Skies
SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA| Using advanced 3D filming technology we capture the beauty and excitement of the whole world of flying creatures, from the fastest predatory falcons to the most acrobatic of insects, night flyers like owls and bats, and the soaring and gliding specialists capable of traveling huge distances.
Destined for Creativity
ITE and Friends
OULU MUSEUM OF ART | The anniversary exhibition features works by both active and bygone folk artists from home and abroad as well as works from contemporary artists. Although the artworks are highly idiosyncratic and unique, they often share certain themes and stylistic traits.

Ellen Thesleff
Kiss of the Sun
OULU MUSEUM OF ART | Ellen Thesleff (1869–1954) lived for her art, and her art lives on as impressive and natural as it ever was.
Ellen Thesleff
Kiss of the Sun
OULU MUSEUM OF ART | Kiss of the Sun, the exhibition of paintings by Ellen Thesleff, is now available as a virtual tour from the comfort of your home with an audio guide by the exhibition’s curator Hanna-Reetta Schreck.
Buried with care – archaeological research in Northern Finland
NORTHERN OSTROBOTHNIA MUSEUM | Based on archaeological research conducted in Oulu, Hailuoto, Ii, Tornio and Keminmaa, Buried with Care presents the burial practices as well as individuals buried under the churches between the 14th and 19th centuries.
Future on a plate
SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA | We eat to live, not the other way round. An interactive exhibition guides visitors through the plethora of information related to food: how to create a balanced diet, how meat gets to our shops, how long you have to run to burn calories from one chocolate bar and so on.
The Best of Times!
SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA | Old Tietomaa favourites now making a glorious comeback in The Best of Times! include the ski jump simulator, the floorball shot, the labyrinth of traps, the throwing bag, the shooting range and the goalkeeper.

Upcoming exhibitions

Feelin’ Relaxed – Naïve Art from the Collections of Oulu Museum of Art
OULU MUSEUM OF ART | Feelin’ Relaxed is full of colourful and joyous paintings and sculptures. The exhibition consists of works donated by the Heinänen Art Foundation and the museum’s own acquisitions.
Inka Nieminen
OULU MUSEUM OF ART | The latest works by sculptor Inka Nieminen (1971–) are multisensory sculpted installations that incorporate sound, motion and different materials. The origins, properties and meanings of her materials form an important part of her work.