Kierikki Stone Age Centre

The Kierikki Stone Age Centre takes you back in time thousands of years into the distant past of the North. The Kierikki Centre is located along the Iijoki River on a Stone Age dwelling site that has been studied since the 1960s. Guests of all ages enjoy the archaeological exhibition in the main building and the Stone Age village.


Trade and tradition

The permanent exhibition explores local and regional pre-history and life in the Stone Age in a fascinating and entertaining way. It features the greatest finds of the excavation, including amber jewellery, flint arrowheads and wooden fishing items recovered from the nearby Purkajasuo swamp – not to mention a mammoth's molar tooth that is 35,000 years old! Short video films are used illustrate Stone Age handicraft skills, and a film entitled Sun Stone screened on the big screen in our auditorium takes the spectators back in time thousands of years. Kierikki also hosts a number of annually changing exhibitions. 


Archaeology alive

The Kierikinkangas Stone Age dwelling site around the Kierikki Stone Age Centre also hosts an archaeological excavation open to the public during the summertime. Come and try your hand in archaeology with our experts! The most enthusiastic diggers come back to Kierikki every summer – and since the site is so large, there will be new land to dig for centuries. Results have been excellent, including the discovery of the remains of a stone age gravesite found in Kierikinkangas.

”The best thing about finding new items is that I know I am the only person more than five thousand years to touch the object, which has been held by someone in the distant past", says Jenna, one of the enthusiastic amateur diggers.


Life in the Stone Age

The road from the Kierikki Stone Age Centre to the Stone Age village is a wide boardwalk with beautiful views to the nearby Iijoki river. The village, based on the findings unearthed by the excavation, is a long-standing favourite of families and school groups. Sitting by the fire in the Stone Age dwellings makes you feel you were truly somewhere in the distant past. On the spacious sandy beach you can try your hand in everyday Stone Age skills, such as archery and making of stone objects. Guides dressed in Stone Age leather clothes will teach you the most important skills of a Stone Age individual. The trapper's path, complete with Stone Age snares, demonstrates the skill of the Stone Age people. The Stone Age village also hosts fierce tribal competitions – excellent for team outings, for example!

The Kierikki Stone Age Centre is a great place for hosting events and meetings. The solemn log-walled auditorium has witnessed numerous weddings and family celebrations. Activities are always tailored for every customer. Hotel and restaurant services are also available.

"We had team competitions in different Stone Age skills. To win we had to be accurate, fast, clever and – most importantly – have the right attitude. The winning team played together seamlessly", says Tuija, a conference visitor. Welcome to the Stone Age in Kierikki!