Oulu Museum of Arts

In today's world, images, looking and visual self-expression play a key role. Even though images surround us, art museums are still the next level. Relatively few of us acquire large collections of visual art to our homes, but in an art exhibition, everything there is yours and for you: experiences, interpretations, questions, insights, emotions. There is no sphere of life that art would not be able to speak of – and matters of taste are always subject to debate. 

Art is often said to be difficult, but it is no more difficult than life in general. You live and you see. The more you are exposed to art, the more it gives back. Becoming curious about art is at least recommended as becoming an art expert.

Oulu has a long tradition of visual arts. Numerous professional artists work in the city, and it is home to many artists of international renown. Many of the surrounding towns, such as Liminka, Hailuoto, Ii, Tyrnävä and Pudasjärvi, are active in various arts – thanks to the artists and other individuals and organisations working in the field of art. The art museum is different from other Luuppi destinations because it has, in addition to a recording and researching role, an identity as an art body. It collaborates closely with the artists of the region. The exhibitions of the Oulu Museum of Art provide a thorough cross-section of the visual arts of the region, explore different themes and collections, and showcase highlights from Finnish and international art. Touring exhibitions are arranged to the surrounding region, and children learn about art in kindergarten art exhibitions. You don't always have to go far: you can learn a lot about contemporary art and art of all eras and periods by visiting the art museum of your hometown.

Talking about the setting: the building that houses the art museum is also quite attractive and charming. It is the glorious second life of the old Brothers Åström factory building 22 that used to house the tanning factory's offices and the canteen.

Get close to art in the Oulu Museum of Art!


Not only on the walls

In addition to the exhibitions, the museum hosts weekly events ranging from colour baths for babies to workshops, artist meetings, guided tours, lectures and performances. The art museum is also available for meetings, training events, celebrations and private events ­– perhaps with a little guided tour or a refreshing activity? The best way to begin or end your visit to the museum is to explore the unique gifts and souvenirs in our gift shop.

Oulu Museum of Arts provides services in all matters and questions related to visual art. We do everything related to visual art! We don't sell art, but we do buy it. The collections of the Oulu Museum of Art, established in 1963, hold more than 4000 artworks. The best way to become familiar with the collection is to visit our changing house exhibitions. The city's art collection is owned by everyone who lives in Oulu. It is on permanent display in many of the city's public spaces ranging from schools and swimming pools to nursing homes, libraries and other facilities – including many parks, green areas and other public spaces.