Science Centre Tietomaa

Science Centre Tietomaa has given unforgettable experiences to visitors since 1988. Finland's first science centre is the perfect place for learning, enjoying yourself, putting your brain and body at test or simply spending some time engaging in entertaining exploration. Science Centre Tietomaa is a household name in Oulu and the entire Northern Finland. It has been one of the best-known attractions in Oulu for years. Many generations have visited it with school groups or their families with more than one million total visits to date – and many come back year after year.

The themed exhibitions of the science centre feature more than 100 hands-on attractions and demonstrations. New exhibitions are opened every year, and the highlights of past exhibitions become part of the permanent exhibition. Our exhibitions explore different fields of science and technology and give food for thought for all audiences.

The Science Centre's giant screen cinema shows fabulous 3D films that take the audience to the depths of oceans, the darkest jungles, the infinite reaches of space, or back in time to see the dinosaurs. The digital science films are produced by the best giant screen content producers in the world, and are guaranteed to take your breath away. Our giant screen theatre has the second-largest screen in Finland. Its 153 square meters bring the action close to you and make it larger than life.


Tietomaa tower – Local landmark

The Science Centre's 45-meter tower, completed in 1920 to serve as the water tower of the tanning plant, is one of the key landmarks of the Oulu cityscape. The glass-walled elevator of the tower takes you up 35 metres to the top floor with fabulous views over the city. The room at the top of the tower also hosts an exhibition of historic images of the city. The tower is an unforgettable setting for birthday parties and other special events when you want to make an impression. Descending the staircase, you learn about northern lights and astronomy, and visit the Micro World. Visit to the tower is included in the Science Centre ticket price. If you want to visit the tower only, ticket price is €5.