Kati Leinonen – Äimärautio
OULU MUSEUM OF ART | 15.6.–8.9.2019

Äimärautio, a series of photographs by photographer, MA Kati Leinonen (1974–) shot between 2015 and 2017, explores the relationship and coexistence between human beings and horses using photograph, video and sound. Leinonen, who started horseback riding when she was seven and still rides almost every day, knows the different communities and the current forms of the hobby closely.

The equestrian sports centre of Äimärautio in Oulu features a horse racing track that has operated in the same location since 1908 – making it the oldest track in its original location in Finland – and Northern Finland's biggest riding club. Leinonen's photographs of Äimärautio have certain unpolished beauty, with the area providing the setting for landscapes showing the milieu as well as details and portraits of humans and animals. ”My photographs reflect the atmosphere that horses emanate around them. Even simple, everyday things done with horses carry meaning and set forth inexpressible things in both the mind and the body, which would not happen without the horses. They are both comforters and bringers of joy."


Photo above: Kati Leinonen, Fenced, pigment print, detail, 2016.
Photo in banner: Kati Leinonen, Always With Me I, pigment print, 2016.

Kati Leinonen, Convalescent, pigment print, 2016.

Kati Leinonen, Defeat on A Lovely Day, pigment print, 2016.

Kati Leinonen, After Mood (self-portrait), pigment print, 2017.