Archae­o­logical exhibition

The archaeological exhibition at the Kierikki Centre provides an illustrated, in-depth look to Stone Age in Finland and especially the Kierikki area. The exhibition tells the fascinating story of the earliest phases of the history of Northern Ostrobothnia starting in the Ice Age and concluding at the end of Stone Age. The exhibition is based on latest archaeological information, which is presented in an easily digestible, attractive form. The exhibition has much to see and learn for all ages.

In the Kierikki Centre, visitors learn about post-Ice Age upheaval, the impact of climate changes on nature and humans, and trade in the Stone Age. They also see how people made a living in the ancient times and made Stone Age handicrafts. Ice Age items in the exhibition include a mammoth's molar tooth found on the bank of the nearby Iijoki River. The thousands of prehistoric objects unearthed in the archaeological excavations provide food for the imagination and illustrate how Kierikki was a prosperous area with high population density in the Stone Age. Illustrative short films show how various objects were made in the Stone Age. Many of the items displayed in the exhibition have come to Kierikki with Stone Age traders from hundreds of kilometres away, some of the amber jewellery all the way from the region of the Baltic Countries. The exhibition also features an annual selection of fresh finds from the public excavations in Kierikki.

During the exhibition tour you will see many unique ancient items: ground stone axes, arrowheads made of flint stone, pieces of clay pottery and parts of wooden fishing equipment unearthed from the nearby Purkajasuo swamp. You will also learn that some of the skills have remained unchanged for thousands of years. Many of our visitors are surprised by how innovative people were in the Stone Age, and how beautiful and finely crafted items they made.

In the Stone Age exhibition you will also meet creatures such as a Finnish forest reindeer stag, a bear and a Stone Age seal hunter with his dog. Sit down to rest on the soft fur of a Stone Age dwelling, watch a fascinating Stone Age documentary film the auditorium or send a Stone Age selfie complete with Stone Age apparel to your e-mail!