Christmas in the Air
Northern Ostrobothnia Museum 23.11.2022–8.1.2023

Christmas has come to the museum with a wonderful, peaceful Christmas atmosphere. The exhibition rooms of different periods are again adorned with Christmas trees and Christmas decorations of the time.

In the 18th-century room, the Gustavian-style table holds a family Bible and spruce twigs have been scattered on the floor – as was the custom of the time. The 1890s Neo-Renaissance table features a hyacinth, the novelty Christmas flower of the day, while in the 1930s chamber an elf girl admires a paper manger set on the table. In our school classroom set in the same era a Christmas tree celebration is in progress, while in the 1970s kitchen the final preparations are underway: the ham is in the oven and cookies are being baked. A 1970s university student is on her way home to celebrate Christmas, packing a stitch suit into her suitcase and taking Christmas presents with her.

On exhibition is also a scale model of the Kansallis-Osake-Pankki bank building. The building, called the KOP house and completed in 1900, was located in the corner of Kirkkokatu 6 and Pakkahuoneenkatu 11. It was designed by architects Nyström, Petrelius and Penttilä in 1899, and interior modifications were carried out in 1905. The impressive house executed in national romantic style was demolished in the early 1960s and replaced by a new building designed by architect Aarne Ervi in 1962.

The Museum of North Ostrobothnia has created a 1:32 scale model of the demolished building with 24 different home and office interiors built inside.

On display is also a giant Christmas calendar made by the museum with useful information on Christmas traditions in every drawer. You are allowed to peek behind the doors of this special Christmas calendar in advance!