Themed exhibitions of the Science Centre Tietomaa

Castle of Mechanics

Castle of Mechanics is a thought-provoking exhibition that explores mechanics and mechanical devices that are everywhere around us – although this is not always understood in our electrical age.

In Castle of Mechanics you will learn about gearwheels, levers, push bars, cams and cranks in an entertaining and inspiring way.  

X or Y

X or Y – Is the Difference in Us? is a fascinating peek into the assumed and studied differences between the abilities of men and women. Bickering about the different abilities of the sexes can now be cast aside; instead you can take your friend with you and come and see how well you actually perform in the exhibition´s tests. You can log on to the exhibits using a personal bar code, which makes comparing results easy since you can print out your results summary after completing the tests.  


The theme of Encore exhibition is sound and music. Encore – for the Audience´s Demand explores the theme in entertaining and amusing ways without forgetting the actual phenomena which make it possible for us to hear and produce sounds. In the exhibition, you will travel through the history of music, compete on the topic of music knowledge and test sound volume and your ear for music. You will also get to make music yourself.

Micro World

The Grant4Com Micro World shows the world around us from a completely new perspective. Have you ever tried looking at everyday objects through a magnifying glass? What if your magnifying glass was strong enough show you the dirt on your toothbrush, or the mould spores that spoiled your bread?

Looking at the world magnified 10,000 times you can only wonder and gasp in amazement at its beauty and ugliness.

Itching already? Thinking about getting the new toothbrush right away? A scanning electron microscope brings out in excruciating detail many things that we know nothing about. The images in the exhibition have been produced using a Grant4Com scanning electron microscope in Oulu.

M.O.B – Man Over Board

This marine-theme exhibition explores the interaction between humankind and oceans, and literally dives beneath the surface to see what goes on in the depths of the oceans and what ocean currents do.

M.O.B. – Man Over Board features a diverse selection of hands-on exhibits that illustrate what goes on in oceans and waterways, what the past and present of seafaring and navigation look like, and what the underlying scientific phenomena are. You will also find out what Oulu would look like if the sea level rose higher, and get to explore the coast of Finland in a realistic motorboat simulator.

Learn about local maritime history through the story of the Sophia Maria that sank near Oulu in 1859, or build a small sailboat and test your tacking skill against your friends.

M.O.B. is produced locally by Tietomaa Science Centre. The acronym comes from the maritime phrase Man Over Board.