Heads or tails

Coincidence and probability are a part of our everyday lives. We talk about them, we wonder at them and we laugh about them. We ponder over them to determine what is the probability that something will happen and what is a mere coincidence?

The Heads or Tails exhibition at Science Centre Tietomaa dives deep into the world of coincidence and probability in a very practical way: would your lucky lottery numbers have hit the jackpot? How strong are the passwords that you use daily? How hard is it to crack the safe code?

And what kind of amazing coincidences have happened in the world? What number is the mentalist thinking of and how well would you do in a game of rock, paper, scissors? In the exhibition, we also get serious and look at the life expectancy of Finns in different parts of the country.

And of course, the visitor will get to take their chances in coin flipping - heads or tails?

The exhibition is produced by Tietomaa Science Centre.