Exhibitions of the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum

Kakaravaara – How our children used to live
NORTHERN OSTROBOTHNIA MUSEUM | There was a place on the edge of the town where working-class families with many children used to live. Their homes were shabby and their toys were self-made. The place was called Kakaravaara, "Hill of Children". The exhibition aimed for children peeks into everyday life in Oulu of old.

The story of the North comes alive

Welcome to a time trip 10,000 years back in time – and back to this day. The pre-history of Northern Finland and our rich folk tradition form the foundation of life today in our northern lands. The museum showcases the history of the city of Oulu and Northern Ostrobothnia in a memorable way. Our permanent exhibition brings items and information together into a fascinating whole. Genuine old items show how life was lived in the past.

The permanent exhibition of Northern Ostrobothnia museum focuses on how the city of Oulu was established and how it evolved from a town of craftsmen in the 17th century into a maritime hub of the 18th century, a centre of tar trade in the 19th century and a city of high technology of the 20th century.

Interiors decorated in the style of different eras show how seafaring and trade brought prosperity to the homes of Oulu. The story of the frigate Toivo ("Hope"), the courtyard of the Teppo house of Liminka, the old pharmacy of Pulkkila, the Merijal candy factory... the museum is a place of thousand stories that surprise visitors time and time again. Our eye-catcher is the miniature of the city in 1938 of nearly 20 square metres.

Periodic exhibitions

The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum houses a number of periodic exhibitions each year. The exhibitions are put together from items in the museum's own collections, produced by other museums, or created in collaboration between various parties. We have two galleries for changing exhibitions: a smaller gallery of approximately 30 m2, and a larger gallery of 180 m2. Do you have a great idea for an exhibition? Get in touch with us and let us know!

Doghill Adventures – loved by all

The miniature figures of characters from the famous Doghill series of children's books by Mauri Kunnas have delighted children and everyone young in mind for generations. The exhibition is best for children between 4 and 6, but is a wonderful experience for all ages.

Doghill days come to life through the lifelike dog figures that illustrate everything that happens during a year in the countryside: summer hay-making, autumn harvest and Christmas chores and celebrations.

Prepare to spend some time listening to Doghill stories, fitting on dog ears and creating Doghill hand puppet shows.