Exhibitions of Luuppi

Courage – Online Exhibition

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I This online exhibition uses visual art and poetry to explore what courage can be. Exhibition features young contemporary artists, poets and artworks from the collections of Oulu Museum of Art. It also features a small set of activities with themes for discussion and some tasks with physical activity, writing and dreaming.

Australia's Great Wild North 3D
superscreen movie

SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA | Far Northern Australia is a land of extremes. The plains are guarded by territorial buffalo and venomous snakes but the apex predator here is a living dinosaur the salt water crocodile. They have been on the planet in almost identical form for 200 million years.

Heads or tails

SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA | Coincidence and probability are a part of our everyday lives. We talk about them, we wonder at them and we laugh about them. Exhibition dives deep into the world of coincidence and probability in a very practical way. Would your lucky lottery numbers have hit the jackpot? How strong are the passwords that you use daily? How hard is it to crack the safe code?

De Urbe Uloa
Paintings of Oulu

De Urbe Uloa – Paintings of Oulu showcases paintings from the collections of the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum. Most of the approximately 30 works have never been exhibited before.
LEGO miniature of Ainola building

Brick by Brick
Gems from the collections of LEGO enthusiasts

The exhibition has been produced together with LEGO enthusiasts and the Finnish association of LEGO hobbyists Palikkatakomo to display the creations of local enthusiasts and the gems of their collections.

Minerals got talent

SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA | This exhibition will show you the role of metals in our daily lives. You will discover their stories from the Big Bang to the most ancient Human civilizations up to our 21st century and beyond.

The Best of Times!

SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA | Old Tietomaa favourites now making a glorious comeback in The Best of Times! include the ski jump simulator, the floorball shot, the labyrinth of traps, the throwing bag, the shooting range and the goalkeeper.

Vilho Lampi
The Great Expanse

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | During his lifetime, the Liminka-born painter Vilho Lampi (1898–1936) had only one solo exhibition in Oulu in 1931. It took decades before his artistic output was presented in full in the form of memorial exhibitions. Since that, the unique art of the painter of the great expanse has worked its way into the hearts of the people all over Finland.

Snowball Effect 2021

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I Snowball Effect is an exhibition that showcases contemporary art from North Finland. The artists featured in the exhibition are selected through an open call for applications in January 2021. The regional exhibition has been arranged in rotation by the art museums of Oulu, Rovaniemi and Kemi as well as the Aine Art Museum in Tornio. The 2021 exhibition is curated by artist/curator Pauliina Leikas.

Kirsi Kaulanen
At Home in the Woods

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I Sculptor Kirsi Kaulanen (1969–) turns laser-cut steel into a living organism, a small universe and a source of enchantment. Interplay between materiality, immateriality, shapes, lights, shadows, reflections and sounds creates unique spatial and sensory experiences.