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The Hype in the Arctic Silicon Valley

Based on the story of the Raakku Corporation
Written by Antti Leikas

The Oulu information and communications technology boom, also called the Oulu Phenomenon, reached its peak at the turn of the millennium. From the 1960s to the 1990s the northern industrial town turned into one of Finland's most important centres of information technology, and the international demand for expertise and products from Oulu was something previously unseen in Finland. The new exhibition produced by Museum and Science Centre Luuppi combines research data, fictional narrative, hands-on activities and visuality in a novel way. Its red thread is the fictional story of inventor-engineer Toivo Ruokko and his Raakku device, written by local business world insider, author and communications consultant Antti Leikas.

Along with the story of the imaginary start-up entrepreneur, the exhibition offers a rich assortment of factual information about the background and the development of the ICT industry in the Oulu region. Video interviews and information screens take the audience beneath the surface of things and open views to some of the perhaps little less known subjects of our near history. The exhibition also features a number of hands-on activity stations familiar from science centres and also popular in museums today. They invite patrons of all ages to test their skills and explore the themes of the exhibition. One of the starting points for the design of the exhibition was to create a multi-sensory, multi-channel experience.

Based on designs created by set designer Kalle Nurminen of Oulu City Theatre, the second floor of the art museum has undergone a full metamorphosis. Without revealing too much in advance we can say that the legendary café entrepreneur Irma Mannonen makes a comeback at the art museum. The numerous interiors and scenes of the exhibition feature artworks and items from the collections of Oulu Museum of Art and the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum plus a number of rarely seen items made available by various sources that make the story tangible and illustrate the epoch. The exhibition also features a full program of audience events, including novel dramatized guided tours available by request from February 2018 onwards.

The first joint content production project of the Museum and Science Centre Luuppi, headed by project manager, amanuensis Jonna-Maria Mölläri of Northern Ostrobothnia Museum, is an effort of more than 30 professionals from the Oulu Museum of Art, the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum and Science Centre Tietomaa assisted by a number of external specialists.

The exhibition, part of the Finland 100 Years -program, is supported by the Finland 100 -project of the Prime Minister's Office and the City of Oulu, and is produced in collaboration with Technopolis

Cafe Elliot for all senses!

Cafe Elliott is especially opened for the exhibition The Hype in the Arctic Silicon Valley. The cafe is part of the exhibition, and it´s bravura are the art cakes, such as the Amélie Lundahl cake, fabulous white chocolate cakes and the exhibition's own namesake delicacy. Pleasure for all senses!

The cafe also serves refreshments, snacks and coffee. Cafe Elliott is open from Friday to Sunday during the museum's opening hours and by agreement.


Contact information:

Events and booking: please contact Luuppi sales at +358 44 703 1335 or myynti.luuppi(at)ouka.fi.

Cafe entrepreneur: Irma Mannonen, +358 50 366 0099, io.mannonen(at)hotmail.fi.

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Seela Petra, Boys and machines, 2000. Photo Mika Friman