Inka Nieminen – Sea-changes
OULU MUSEUM OF ART | 8.10.2020–14.2.2021

The latest works by sculptor Inka Nieminen (1971–) are multisensory sculpted installations that incorporate sound, motion and different materials. Born in Hailuoto and a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Nieminen is known as a wood-worker with the ability to interpret nature and the environment in an arresting way. The origins, properties and meanings of her materials form an important part of her work. Her sculpture-like installations combine the perpetual need and the ability to make things by hand, earthy materials, digital technology and an experience of a physical, acoustic space. The exhibition also feature a series a new animal-themed sculptures.      


Photo above: Xylophone, 2016, wood, video, sound.
Photo in banner: Original, 2018, wood, old fishing nets.