Kakaravaara – How our children used to live

There was a place on the edge of the town where working-class families with many children used to live. Their homes were shabby and their toys were self-made. The place was called Kakaravaara ("Hill of Children"), and it was far from the market square, the shop and the school on the other side of the town. Eventually the railroad changed the former maritime city into a modern industrial town, and soon also Kakaravaara was gone.

The exhibition aimed for children peeks into everyday life in Oulu of old. It covers the period of time from the late 19th century to the late 20th century, and introduces many actual events and persons from the city's history.

The exhibition not only explores the lives of ordinary children, but the young patrons also get to play market sellers, shopkeepers, schoolchildren, even princesses! A special exhibition magazine gives the news of the city.

In addition to playful exploration, Kakaravaara also features beautiful and fascinating exhibits such as toys and children's clothes from the collections of the city's museums and the city theatre.

Kakaravaara is information, action and a touch of fantasy!


Vaara´s children. Photo: Samuli Paulaharju, The Finnish Heritage Agency/Picture Collections.