Man versus Animal

SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA | 7.2.2017–11.3.2018

Get ready for action on the 4th floor of the science centre! Our 2017 exhibition Human and Animal – A Test of Abilities was opened for action-hungry audiences in the beginning of February. This exhibition focusing on biology explores the human senses and physique, and compares the abilities of human beings and various animals in different situations.

In the fast-paced exhibition, the audience gets to test their skill in many entertaining attractions that let you see the world from the perspective of various animals. Test your eyesight against an eagle or compare your hearing to that of the dolphin or a bat. You will also learn whether you can jump longer than a flea or see like a snake – of if you are as strong as an ox. You also get to race a pig, a horse, a chicken and a sloth. Compare your grip to the jaws of a shark and your pushing power to that of an ox. We all know how softly a cat lands of its feet, but how about you? Peregrine falcon and the swift fly fast. Can you reach their speed by waving your hands? And even though the kangaroo rat is a tiny animal, you have to be quite a jumper to get to the same level.

The fun and challenging exhibition has 27 entertaining and action-packed tests that will help you learn new information about animals and – most importantly – yourself! The test of abilities gives answers to many fascinating questions.

Human and Animal: A Test of Abilities – Top 5 tests:

1. Snake eyes – See the world from the reptile's perspective.
2. Sixth sense – Do you trust your instinct?
3. Run like a cheetah – How fast can you go?
4. Strong as an ox – How hard can you push?
5. Heat camera – Where are your hot points?

This high-speed science exhibition is produced by the Czech science centre Techmania.