Michaela Casková: Weather Cabinet
Oulu Museum of Art Mini Art Cabinet 2022–2023

How are clouds born? Where and how can you feel the weather? How do earthworms spend the winter?

Michaela Casková’s Weather Cabinet is a commissioned artwork that explores the environment and the weather. It consists of 18 paintings mostly implemented using plant-based colours, a colour chart and a booklet with tasks for independent observation and admiration of weather phenomena by day care groups.

The mini art cabinet can be reserved free of charge by day care centres in Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu for a period of 2–4 weeks depending on the needs of other day care centres in the municipality.

The Weather Cabinet weighs approximately 15 kg and is transported from town to town through library transports. Please place the cabinet on a desk before starting to explore it. You can take a look at the booklet that comes with the cabinet using links below.

Michaela Casková (b. 1988, Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic) is a visual artist, an art educator, a designer, a nomadic gardener and a forager who keeps an eye on atmospheric events, everydayness and weather that we all share. Walking, observing, asking, talking, being in silence, listening, imagining, picking, foraging, mapping and drawing are some of her tools. Weather Cabinet is a continuation of Casková’s Small Talks series based on shared discussions, observations and wanderings related to weather. Many of Caskovás wanderings are linked to the Mustarinda house surrounded by woods in the remote Hyrynsalmi, to the artist studios of Lapinlahti in Helsinki, and to her home country, the Czech Republic.

Explore the Weather Cabinet instructions booklet here (Finnish) 
Explore the Weather Cabinet instructions booklet here (English)
For Michaela Casková’s website click here
To book the mini art cabinet to your day care home click here (In Finnish)

 Photographs: Mika Friman