Heidi Kesti – mini TOY JOY
Oulu Museum of Art Mini Art Cabinet 2022–2024

Where does one find some lovely rubbish? What is the sound of trinkets? How many different ways to order things can you think of? Is order nicer than disorder?

The mini TOY JOY miniature art cabinet contains a set of nine commissioned works on the theme of recycled art made of plastic toys, small household items, various kinds of rubbish and melted recycled plastic. The cabinet comes with activity materials for day-care groups that inspire children to make their own recycled art.

mini TOY JOY, the latest miniature art cabinet by the Oulu Museum of Art, playfully introduces recycled art and awakens the joy and beauty hidden in trash and plastic objects.

The mini art cabinet can be reserved free of charge by day-care centres in North Ostrobothnia and Kainuu for a period of 2–4 weeks depending on the needs of other day care centres in the municipality. The mini art cabinet weighs approximately 15 kg, and is transported from town to town with library items. The cabinet should be placed on a desk before opening.

Heidi Kesti (1980–, Ii) is a visual artist and set designer from Oulu, who has worked as a freelance artist, exhibition designer/builder, set designer and costume designer in numerous stage productions. She has used recycled plastic and plastic objects as her primary material since 2015. Her works are situated at an intersection between painting, relief and installation.

Book the mini art cabinet for your day-care centre using this link.

Photographs: Mika Friman