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25.2.–28.5.2023 Will and Skill – Artist Women of the Early 20th Century

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I What kind of world were artists looking at 100 years ago? How did gender affect the status of the artist in Finland? The exhibition opens a window on the output and the lives of artists coming from or connected to the North Ostrobothnia region. Artists featured in the exhibition are Karoliina Otava (1901–1990), Olga Nordström (1902–1981), Laila Karttunen (1895–1981), Lyyli Kaurila (1896–1987), Hilja Tolvanen (1879–1959), and Hilja Palomäki (1902–1994).

Riitta-Alina Helevä: My Song

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I Through her 40-year career, the works of Oulu-based sculptor Riitta-Alina Helevä (b. 1951) have been based on the landscape. For her, making art means questions and eternal searching. The extensive exhibition of the artist's entire career brings together her output starting with her studies at the University of Art and Design to the present day. In addition to the sculptures, the exhibition features fragment-like spatial works in various materials. The artist's strength lies in play, wonder and fascination.

11.2.–6.8.2023 Martti Tarvainen (1897–1985): To See and to Experience

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I Martti Tarvainen, who worked as a visual artist in Tuira, Oulu for half a century, left a lasting mark on the public art of his hometown and the surrounding area as the creator of several sculptures and reliefs, but was also known as a skilled painter who was interested in both man-made environments and natural landscapes, especially water themes. The posthumous To See and to Experience is the first solo exhibition of Tarvainen's work at the Oulu Museum of Art.