Video instal­lation:
The Cleaners

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I Theatrical video, The Cleaners, discusses the experiences and societal positions of immigrants who work as cleaners in Finland through documentary theatre and fictional storytelling.

Earthflight 3D movie

SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA | Earthflight is a totally immersive experience, taking the audience on an incredible flight across the world on the wings of birds. Revolutionary aerial techniques and state-of-the-art 3D cameras deliver the reality of flying right alongside birds as we join a variety of different species on their seasonal journeys.

Dance! Movement in the Visual Arts 1880–2020

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I The exhibition showcases artworks with dance, dance-like motion and physicality from the late 19th century to the present day found in Finnish museum collections. Techniques, ideals and modes of expression change, but the motion lives on in us and in our time. Original exhibition concept by HAM Helsinki Art Museum.


M.O.B. – Man Over Board

SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA | This marine-theme exhibition explores the interaction between humankind and oceans, and literally dives beneath the surface to see what goes on in the depths of the oceans and what ocean currents do.

Lights and shadows

SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA | Without light, it would be dark. Without light, there would be no colours. If there was no light, we humans would not exist. There would be no life in the world. Thus, light is everywhere and it affects everything. Exhibition Lights and Shadows presents the phenomenon of light through natural laws, inventions, illusions, gestalt psychology and many more. And yet the exhibition covers only a small part of the luminous world of light!

Christmas in the Air

NORTHERN OSTROBOTHNIA MUSEUM I Christmas has come to the museum, enveloping it in a wonderful, peaceful Christmas atmosphere. The exhibition rooms of different periods are again adorned with Christmas trees and Christmas decorations of the time.

Kaija Hinkula – PLAY

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I What would happen if we used our imagination more? Kaija Hinkula´s (b. 1984) exhibition PLAY, invites us to look at our everyday environment from a new perspective. Kaija Hinkula’s artistic work operates within the context of expanded painting, where conventional two-dimensional paintings expand into spatial experiences.

Raimo Törhönen – Kind of Retro

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I Raimo Törhönen's (born 1960 in Hyvinkää) exhibition opens a window into the artist’s practice over the years. He paints people and animals, especially dogs, creating images that evoke a tangible presence or memory in a skilful way and often echo the fragility, mystery and beauty of existence.

Vilho Lampi
The Great Expanse

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | During his lifetime, the Liminka-born painter Vilho Lampi (1898–1936) had only one solo exhibition in Oulu in 1931. It took decades before his artistic output was presented in full in the form of memorial exhibitions. Since that, the unique art of the painter of the great expanse has worked its way into the hearts of the people all over Finland.

Secrets of the Universe 3D movie

SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA | Travel with scientist Manuel Calderon de la Barca Sanchez as he journeys to the largest machine ever built, the greatest scientific instrument ever created, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). You are also introduced to some of greatest scientific minds of human history such as Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie and Rosalind Franklin.

Kirsi Kaulanen
At Home in the Woods

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I Sculptor Kirsi Kaulanen (1969–) turns laser-cut steel into a living organism, a small universe and a source of enchantment. Interplay between materiality, immateriality, shapes, lights, shadows, reflections and sounds creates unique spatial and sensory experiences.

Snowball Effect 2021

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I Snowball Effect is an exhibition that showcases contemporary art from North Finland. The artists featured in the exhibition are selected through an open call for applications in January 2021. The regional exhibition has been arranged in rotation by the art museums of Oulu, Rovaniemi and Kemi as well as the Aine Art Museum in Tornio. The 2021 exhibition is curated by artist/curator Pauliina Leikas.
LEGO miniature of Ainola building

Brick by Brick

NORTHERN OSTROBOTHNIA MUSEUM | The exhibition has been produced together with LEGO enthusiasts and the Finnish association of LEGO hobbyists Palikkatakomo to display the creations of local enthusiasts and the gems of their collections.


Minerals got talent

SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA | This exhibition will show you the role of metals in our daily lives. You will discover their stories from the Big Bang to the most ancient Human civilizations up to our 21st century and beyond.

Australia's Great Wild North 3D
superscreen movie

SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA | Far Northern Australia is a land of extremes. The plains are guarded by territorial buffalo and venomous snakes but the apex predator here is a living dinosaur the salt water crocodile. They have been on the planet in almost identical form for 200 million years.

In the Same World

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | SUPERNATURAL reflects on humanity, its future and the relationship between humans and their living and technologically produced companions. The big question is what will the conditions for living on this shared planet become.

Feelin’ Relaxed – Naïve Art from the Collections of Oulu Museum of Art

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | Feelin’ Relaxed is full of colourful and joyous paintings and sculptures. The exhibition consists of works donated by the Heinänen Art Foundation and the museum’s own acquisitions.

Inka Nieminen

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | The latest works by sculptor Inka Nieminen (1971–) are multisensory sculpted installations that incorporate sound, motion and different materials. The origins, properties and meanings of her materials form an important part of her work.

Superscreen movie
Conquest of the Skies

SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA| Using advanced 3D filming technology we capture the beauty and excitement of the whole world of flying creatures, from the fastest predatory falcons to the most acrobatic of insects, night flyers like owls and bats, and the soaring and gliding specialists capable of traveling huge distances.


Future on a plate

SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA | We eat to live, not the other way round. An interactive exhibition guides visitors through the plethora of information related to food: how to create a balanced diet, how meat gets to our shops, how long you have to run to burn calories from one chocolate bar and so on.

Destined for Creativity
ITE and Friends

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | The anniversary exhibition features works by both active and bygone folk artists from home and abroad as well as works from contemporary artists. Although the artworks are highly idiosyncratic and unique, they often share certain themes and stylistic traits.

Buried with care – archaeological research in Northern Finland

NORTHERN OSTROBOTHNIA MUSEUM | Based on archaeological research conducted in Oulu, Hailuoto, Ii, Tornio and Keminmaa, Buried with Care presents the burial practices as well as individuals buried under the churches between the 14th and 19th centuries.

Ellen Thesleff
Kiss of the Sun

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | Ellen Thesleff (1869–1954) lived for her art, and her art lives on as impressive and natural as it ever was.

Kakaravaara – How our children used to live

NORTHERN OSTROBOTHNIA MUSEUM | There was a place on the edge of the town where working-class families with many children used to live. Their homes were shabby and their toys were self-made. The place was called Kakaravaara, "Hill of Children". The exhibition aimed for children peeks into everyday life in Oulu of old.

The Displaced
The Archaeology of Refugees

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | The Displaced opens both universal and private perspectives to Finnish war refugees as well as the emigration and immigration movements of our time.

Shared dreams
Works from the Heino
Art Foundation collection

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | Artists are masterful at taking “reality” and re-creating it, stretching and bending it and sharing it. The featured works, by some 50 artists, are an opportunity for visitors to dive into a veritable ocean of strange and wonderful visions and imaginings and to leave everyday life behind, as surreal as that too may at times seem.


Growth and Loss
Hair In Contemporary Art

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | If the hair is fine, everything is fine! Hair is no matter of insignificance in human life, or art. Hair is part of the body, but forms a special whole of its own. For visual artists, hair sometimes has a surprisingly powerful symbolic value as material, but also as the bearer of stories, meanings and notions.

Kati Leinonen – Äimärautio

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | Äimärautio, a series of photographs by photographer, MA Kati Leinonen (1974–) shot between 2015 and 2017, explores the relationship and coexistence between human beings and horses using photograph, video and sound. Leinonen, who started horseback riding when she was seven and still rides almost every day, knows the different communities and the current forms of the hobby closely.

Vilho Lampi

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | Oulu Museum of Art holds Finland’s most important collection of paintings by Vilho Lampi (1898–1936). The collection was augmented in 2018 by a large landscape panorama donated by NCC Suomi Oy.

The Maija-Liisa Niemi
Art Collection

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | Oulu Museum of Art has received a bequest from the Oulu-born, Helsinki-resident Doctor of Dentistry and art lover Maija-Liisa “Maikki” Niemi.

Helena Kaikkonen
The Horizon of Longing

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | In her material-oriented artworks, textile artist Helena Kaikkonen (1959–) explores time, the northern nature, and the fragility but also the power of life.

Outi Pieski – Čuolmmadit

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | Outi Pieski (1973–) is a Sámi visual artist whose delicate paintings reflect the Arctic nature of her home region and the shared stories, cosmology and history of its important places.

Terttu Jurvakainen
A Shining Palette

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | The extensive retrospective exhibition showcases the milestones of Jurvakainen's output from the 1980s to the present day. The decades have accommodated different stylistic periods, but expressive use of colour and sensuous juxtaposition have always played a key role in her massive abstract paintings.

Naturally Anni Rapinoja

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | Visual artist Anni Rapinoja is part of Hailuoto like the bark is part of pine, or the ferry part of the island. Rapinoja has taken Hailuoto – or, more precisely, her close colleagues the plants, the animals, the soil and the sea of Hailuoto – to the international stage since early 1990s.

The Hype in the Arctic Silicon Valley

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | The Oulu technology boom peaked twenty years ago. Between the 1960s and the 1990s, the town turned into one of Finland's most important centres of information technology. The new exhibition tells the story of this intense period by combining fact and fiction.


The Modern Woman

The Modern Woman, produced by the Ateneum Art Museum and the Finnish National Gallery, focuses on four important artists who worked in the early 20th century: Helene Schjerfbeck (1862–1946), Ellen Thesleff (1869–1954), Sigrid Schauman (1877–1979) and Elga Sesemann (1922–2007). The exhibition, consisting of works from the collections of the Ateneum, focuses on the role of the modern woman amidst the social, political and cultural changes of the era.

Anni Kinnunen – The Great Escape

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | The Great Escape is a story of how human beings have gradually become alienated from nature, how the landscape has turned into a stage, and how humanity has become role play. The Oulu-based photographer Anni Kinnunen is often in front of her own camera.

For the Love of Freedom

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | Graffiti is here to stay – get used to it! Finland's biggest museum exhibition to date focusing exclusively on graffiti has street attitude. Curated by graffiti artist Jouni ‘Psyke’ Väänänen, For the Love of Freedom showcases approximately twenty powerful voices, including Oulu-based graffiti artists and the German artist Claudia ‘MadC’ Walde, one of the international top names of graffiti art.

Man versus Animal

SCIENCE CENTRE TIETOMAA | Can you jump longer than a flea? Can you see as well as a snake? This exhibition focusing on biology explores the human senses and physique and compares the abilities of human beings and various animals in different situations.

Flowers and Angels

NORTHERN OSTROBOTHNIA MUSEUM | Flowers and Angels showcases the work of artists from Ostrobothnia who worked in the vernacular tradition of visual art. The exhibition is based on the studies of researcher and conservator Marko Kasto.

Comics Effects

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | Comics Effects, produced by the Oulu Comics Centre, features exhibitions by artists including JP Ahonen, Max Andersson, Kaisa & Christoffer Leka and Harri Filppa – and a comic page for each of the one hundred years of Finland's independence by one hundred comics artists.


20 May – 12 November
SPLICE Re-examining Nature

OULU MUSEUM OF ARTS | The SPLICE exhibition produced by the Finnish Bioart Society and the Oulu Museum of Art focuses its gaze on our relationship with nature, including diverse approaches towards the transforming environment.

13 May – 17 September
Stories of Finnish Art – the Ateneum Collection on Tour

OULU MUSEOUM OF ARTS | Exhibition guides the audience through the history of Finnish art from the early 19th century to the 1960s. The collection includes famous, in their day often controversial, modern classics, but also a number of seldom exhibited works from established painters and sculptors.

13 May – 17 September
A Finnish Elegy

OULU MUSEUM OF ARTS | This rare exhibition of works from the collections of Oulu-based art collectors Ismo and Mervi Sirén consists of approximately twenty prints, including Simberg's first and last print works, "A Finnish Elegy" (1895–1896) and "Slash-burning Smoke" (1917).