Regional museum work at Oulu Museum of Art

As the organisation in charge of regional art museum work, Oulu Museum of Art and the parent body Museum and Science Centre Luuppi provide services and assistance to cities, municipalities, museums, communities and private citizens in Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu in matters of visual art and visual cultural heritage.

In practice this means research and recording of visual art and other artistic activity in the region as well as the development and maintenance of regional, national and international networks in collaboration with the relevant parties. The museum in charge of the regional art museum work also produces touring exhibitions, mini art showcases aimed for day-care centres, and online exhibitions. We make visits to municipalities, arrange training and offer professional assistance in matters such as inventorying and maintenance of municipal art collections as well as matters related to servicing of artworks, intellectual property rights and exhibition agreements.

Oulu Museum of Art has provided regional services since the 1980s. Regional work is developed together with the Finnish Heritage Agency and other museums in charge of their respective regions. We currently provide regional art museum services for 38 municipalities. There are two art museums funded by the state in the region: Oulu Museum of Art and Kajaani Museum of Art. Local art museums in the region are the Vilho Lampi Museum in Liminka, Galleria Oskari Jauhiainen in Kiiminki and the Kyösti and Kalervo Kallio Museum in Nivala, maintained by the cultural services units of the respective municipalities with associations and volunteers.

Two employees, a regional art researcher and a conservator, are currently employed for the regional art museum work. Other professionals of Oulu Museum of Art and Museum and Science Centre Luuppi also provide assistance on a case-by-case basis.

The aim of regional art museum work is to increase the visibility and accessibility of visual art within the region. Key considerations in this work are openness, collaboration and dialogue.


Contact information

Tuija Visuri, regional art researcher
+358 44 703 7453



Guidance and advice are provided free of charge.

Online exhibitions

The aim of the online exhibitions produced by the regional art museum is to improve the accessibility of art and to provide a digital view the collections of the art museum. The online exhibitions feature works from the collections of the art museum and from invited artists. The exhibitions generally also feature learning materials with activities that explore the themes of each exhibition.

In case of any questions concerning our online exhibitions please get in touch with regional art researcher Tuija Visuri at tuija.visuri(at)



The online exhibitions are offered free of charge.

Art showcases for day-care centres

Mini art showcases are artworks intended for the day-care centres of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu offered for loan by the Oulu Museum of Art. They are unique works commissioned from artists with links to the region. In addition to the actual artwork, they contain information about the work along with display instructions. The package also contains materials and suggestions for using the artwork.

Mini art showcases are little sisters of the larger art showcases produced by the museum. They are transported regionally through the library transport system. The loan period is two weeks, but can be extended in case of more than one day-care centre in the same municipality wishing to display the showcase. Oulu Museum of Art arranges the transportation of the mini art showcases, while the day-care home is in charge of displaying and storing the showcase and for the safety of the artwork.

The first mini showcase will start its tour in February 2022, and the reservation calendar will be opened on this website in November 2021.



The mini art showcases are offered free of charge for day-care centres in Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu.

mini TOY JOY
mini art showcase

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I mini TOY JOY is a playful set of small artworks by visual artist and stage designer Heidi Kesti (b. 1980, Ii) that introduces the theme of recycled art. Made of plastic toys, small household items, rubbish and melted recycled plastic, the artworks bring out the joy and beauty hidden in the material. The activity material for day-care centres provides guidance on how to make recycled art on your own. Heidi Kesti lives and works in Oulu. Her works are situated at an intersection between painting, relief and installation.

Weather Observations
mini art showcase

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I Weather Observations is an artwork by artist-pedagogue Michaela Casková that suggests artistic methods for the observation of weather. Shaped as a mini art showcase, the artwork is a continuation of Casková’s Small Talks series based on shared discussions, observations and wanderings related to weather.

Oulu Museum of Art: Touring exhibitions

The touring exhibitions offered by Oulu Museum of Art consist of artworks by regional artists (=with connections to Northern Ostrobothnia or Kainuu), works from the Luuppi collections and items made available by other museums.

The touring exhibitions are ready-to-display packages complete with press release, presentation text, catalogue, exhibition poster and press photographs. They are small, easy-to-move wholes that are transported regionally through the library transportation system. 

Touring exhibitions are primarily used by municipalities and cities in Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu, but are available to other areas in Finland as well. You can book a touring exhibition for a library, a gallery or a public exhibition space. 

Loan time including transportation is one month (=reception, hanging, exhibition, takedown, packing and transportation to next destination). Exhibition price is 65 or 80 euros per month depending on exhibition size. 

The next touring exhibition will be available starting on 1/2022. The booking calendar of the exhibition will be opened in October 2021.



Exhibition price is 65 or 80 euros per month depending on exhibition size. 

Johanna Laaja
Behind Time

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I Cars abandoned to the woods and rural backyards in paintings by Johanna Laaja (born 1977, Suomussalmi) are distinctive and human traces of a bygone era. Oulu Museum of Art's new travelling exhibition presents the artist's oil paintings of abandoned cars found in remote corners of Kainuu and North Ostrobothnia.


The conservator assists museums, municipalities, towns and private citizens of the region in matters related to maintenance, handling, storing and restoration of artworks. The conservator helps in questions such as framing and packing of artworks as well as selection of appropriate materials for storage. The conservator can also make visits to assess conservation needs or storage conditions. More extensive condition surveys can also be integrated to inventories of municipal art collections. Other conservation services can also be provided on case-by-case basis.



Guidance and advice are provided free of charge.