Discover the majesty and magnificence of the largest animal ever to walk the earth. Titanosaur 3D journeys to the southern hemisphere during the Late Cretaceous to explore the life history and environment of these long-necked sauropods – from egg to towering titan.

Titanosaur 3D explores the process by which scientists gather clues to understand and imagine these gargantuan reptiles – revealing the secrets of their diet, anatomy, remarkable growth and even their behavior.  Vivid and scientifically-accurate computer animation brings the prehistoric world of the titanosaur back to life in this touching and family-friendly celebration of the world’s most colossal plant-eater.

Written and directed by: David Clark
Producers: Don Kempf ja Andy Wood
Producted by: D3D Cinema ja The Field Museum Chicago
Duration: 22 minutes

Showing in Tietomaa until 30.7.2023