Oulu Museum of Art upcoming exhibitions

Destined for Creativity
ITE and Friends
OULU MUSEUM OF ART | The anniversary exhibition features works by both active and bygone folk artists from home and abroad as well as works from contemporary artists. Although the artworks are highly idiosyncratic and unique, they often share certain themes and stylistic traits.
Feelin’ Relaxed – Naïve Art from the Collections of Oulu Museum of Art
OULU MUSEUM OF ART | Feelin’ Relaxed is full of colourful and joyous paintings and sculptures. The exhibition consists of works donated by the Heinänen Art Foundation and the museum’s own acquisitions.
Inka Nieminen
OULU MUSEUM OF ART | The latest works by sculptor Inka Nieminen (1971–) are multisensory sculpted installations that incorporate sound, motion and different materials. The origins, properties and meanings of her materials form an important part of her work.