Oulu Museum of Art upcoming exhibitions 2021

Vilho Lampi
The Great Expanse

OULU MUSEUM OF ART | During his lifetime, the Liminka-born painter Vilho Lampi (1898–1936) had only one solo exhibition in Oulu in 1931. It took decades before his artistic output was presented in full in the form of memorial exhibitions. Since that, the unique art of the painter of the great expanse has worked its way into the hearts of the people all over Finland.

Snowball Effect 2021

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I Snowball Effect is an exhibition that showcases contemporary art from North Finland. The artists featured in the exhibition are selected through an open call for applications in January 2021. The regional exhibition has been arranged in rotation by the art museums of Oulu, Rovaniemi and Kemi as well as the Aine Art Museum in Tornio. The 2021 exhibition is curated by artist/curator Pauliina Leikas.


Kirsi Kaulanen
At Home in the Woods

OULU MUSEUM OF ART I Sculptor Kirsi Kaulanen (1969–) turns laser-cut steel into a living organism, a small universe and a source of enchantment. Interplay between materiality, immateriality, shapes, lights, shadows, reflections and sounds creates unique spatial and sensory experiences.