Many of the Luuppi destinations offer fascinating workshops that give the participants an opportunity to experience science and art from a fresh perspective. The contents and the themes of the workshops vary depending on the destination and the current exhibitions.

The Luuppi workshops explore science and art through a hands-on approach. Instead of reading about the phenomena you get to explore them and try them out yourself. What a fun way to learn new things! There are a number of workshops ranging from making of Finnish salty liquorice to crafting jewellery out of recycled materials.

The workshops are suitable for all ages. They are also perfect for school groups from primary and secondary schools as well as higher education, and can be adapted to special-needs groups and workplace outings. Tailored workshops need to be booked separately in advance, but many Luuppi destinations regularly also host special events with workshops open for everyone.


Contact information

Art: laura.lampinen(at) 
Science: harri.hall(at)