School Clubs


  • Sports clubs
  • Christmas Party
  • Textile work
  • Spring Party (English for 2nd graders)
  • KiVa Club (a research-based antibullying program) 


  • Choir
  • Arts Club
  • Christmas Party (drama and music in English)
  • Sports clubs
  • Textile work
  • Robotics


  • Arts Club
  • Choir
  • Ice-cream Club (English drama and music)
  • Sports Club
  • Zumba and Show Dance
  • Spanish Club
  • Textile work


  • Textile work
  • Technical work
  • Drawing Dialogue
  • Party Time (English drama and music)
  • Maths Club
  • Arts Club
  • Choir


Our Current Projects



(Creativity and innovative solutions)

Robotics and technology: Learning with NXT Robots

Finnish National Robotics Week 25.-29.11. 2013


---- The project is completed and closed ---

SUS Project in Oulu is a suite of new services to improve learning through a growth in motivation including e-media sharing platforms, hybrid books and sports games.


Media Enhanced Learning (MEL)

is a part of the SUS Project. The main idea of this project is to develop the use of mobile technology in teaching and learning. Mobile phone supported collaborative learning and mobile learning are the key words of this educational project.

Our objectives are

  • to improve motivation at school by using virtual networks and mobile technology (mobile phones, tablets, laptops)
  • to strengthen the sense of community by sharing information and communication on topics and learning targets
  • to facilitate communication between school and parents
  • to create safe learning environments
  • to find economically sustainable and pedagogically based scalable solutions

----This project is completed and closed----

Culture - a Chance for Connection

Our project is about music, festivals, drama & in general local cultures of European countries. The main aim of this partnership, consisting of many countries from all parts of Europe, is to assist in the cultural richness of Europe and to enhance pupils’ cultural awareness.

If countries in Europe save and keep their own local cultural richness alive, this richness widens and increases in variety by means of differences and similarities. Taking this into consideration, we would like to work on a variety of activities, related to the subject matter of local festivals, music & drama, in order to introduce our cultural values not only to each partner school involved but to the wider European community also. While studying and reintroducing our own values/culture, we will have the opportunity to find out the differences and similarities among the different European Countries.

We want to make all applicants, relevant people and pupils conscious of these beauties. We hope to increase the awareness of our students, colleagues, and parents by including them in our activities.

During the first year of the project our pupils and teachers will be studying our traditional celebrations, local festivals, songs, music myths and folk tales and in the second year they will be concentrating on local traditional dances, customs and local food recipes.

Learn more about MEL


Comenius: Europe in the Classroom

Partners in Learning - How it Works

PIL Expert Educator Janne Männikkö from Metsokangas Comprehensive School

daily edventures: Janne Männikkö

Green Flag- The Eco-Schools Programme

Spring 2013 The Eco-Schools Green Flag awarded to Metsokangas Comprehensive School