Innovative use of ICT

Every teacher has got a personal laptop. In each classroom there is a document camera and a data projector. Modern technology is available all around the school.

We use Office 365 both as a learning environment and in communication through email and Messenger.

Wireless network connection enables the flexible grouping of pupils, collaborative learning methods and  a great variety of electronic materials and tools. The modern technology provides the children with versatile contacts and possibilities to share their work with the larger audience.  

A Multipurpose Education Center in the heart of a new residential area

Metsokangas Multipurpose Education Center is a part of a neighborhood service center. We produce high-quality day care, preschool and basic education service. Residents are allowed to use our facilities for their free and guided cultural activities.

Our service delivery follows three guiding principles:

  • the unbroken continuum of child development from early childhood education to the completion of comprehensive school
  • the collaborative and multi-professional staff cooperation and
  • the family-centeredness

Metsokangas Comprehensive School is named after the residental area of Metsokangas. The school opened in August 2008.

Our school is a city-operated school and teaching is provided free of charge.





At present, there are approximately 1000 pupils on roll, 63 teachers and 14 school assistants. The number of pupils is growing rapidly each year. 

Individual support for the learning and welfare of pupils is well accommodated. Special needs education is integrated into regular education as far as possible. In our school there are also residental small-groups for children with special educational needs: classes 0-2, 2-7, 5-6 and 7-9.

Each pupil of compulsory school age has the right to receive remedial instruction and special needs education, where necessary. Special needs education is provided primarily through inclusion into mainstream education. If learning difficulties are minor, special needs education is provided as part-time special needs education in conjunction with mainstream instruction.

An individual curriculum must be drawn up for each pupil transformed or admitted to special needs education. This individual curriculum is called HOJKS in Finland.

The School Building and Architecture (a Picture Gallery included)

Our School Building is designed by the main architect Seppo Huttu-Hiltunen and the project architect Ari Järvinen.

The Association of Finnish Architects' Offices


The Staff Cafeteria is called Luppo. The Finnish word "Luppo" means extra time for relaxing.