The community’s memory and its pride and joy!


The Museum of Art acts as the community’s memory. Its task is to keep a stock of visual art and cultural heritage for the delight of future generations. Oulu Museum of Art’s unique collection focuses on visual art from Oulu and Northern Ostrobothnia. This is the cornerstone of the Museum and an essential aspect of its work. The emphasis of the collection is on contemporary art, but older visual art is also acquired where this is considered appropriate.

An artwork has little value for a museum without the story of how it came about, the life history of the work, and the contexts in which it has been used. The processes of acquiring and storing the collections do not so much focus on individual works, as on trying to encapsulate a broad phenomenon. An artwork has to be situated in the surrounding context, both on an individual and a general level. Another task and responsibility of the museum is to collect materials that do not enjoy great popularity among the public in their own time.

Valuable multidisciplinary work

Oulu Museum of Art’s collections are maintained, researched, exhibited and looked after by the cultural heritage and property care team Kulma. The visual-art experts and professionals take a systematic, collaborative approach to their work.

The collections are displayed to the public in many different ways: in exhibition and publication projects, via deposits of artworks in the City of Oulu’s offices and institutions, and through loans to other museums. The physical preservation of the artworks is primarily the responsibility of the conservation and museum-technology staff. Publications and information material are produced about the collections, ensuring that they are accessible in a variety of ways.