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Luuppi Artwork of the Month


Hannu Väisänen (s. 1951)

The Heaviest Line in the World
from the series Spirited Rabbit


Hannu Väisänen's television series Eight Interiors was completed 30 years ago. His Lively Rabbit series of ink wash paintings are related to the Chinese master painter in the television series who names his brush Lively Rabbit. Through his paintings Väisänen, himself a rabbit in the Chinese zodiac, tries to portray the unique and very quick method of working – not only the hard work but also its comical qualities, such as the psychic rabbit helping or pretending to help the artist and the artwork. ‘But does the rabbit really help?', the artist now asks.

Väisänen's likeable painter rabbit is highly topical now – not only because it is one of the symbolic animals of Easter, but also because of its maker. Hannu Väisänen, who lives in France, is coming to Finland for his exhibition in Galerie Forsblom (Helsinki). The fifth part of his Antero saga is published (Otava), and a selection of patterned fabrics he has designed for Finlayson will be unveiled.

1985, brush and ink
Oulu Museum of Art Collections