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Marita Liulia – Dance for the Camera

18 June to 4 September 2016
Oulu Museum of Art (Tasku Gallery)


  Swan Song, Minna Tervamäki





  Swan Song, Minna Tervamäki and Vilma Kolehmainen
  Virpi Pahkinen
  Pontus Sundset
  HUNT, Tero Saarinen
Visual artist/director Marita Liulia (1957–) is a pioneer of Finnish media art who has built bridges between art, science and technology throughout her career. Primarily working with the camera and the computer, Liulia's exhibition in Oulu focuses on photographs and short films on dance and dancers. Liulia has for decades collaborated with dancers, choreographers and musicians. ‘Dance is a unique language that I find very compelling. Dancers are visual and musical individuals – both are things we have in common.'

In her series of photographs of dancers, Liulia captures their strong presence, the essence of the moment, and the intimate experience. ‘In my view portraits always portray both the model and the artist who produces the portrait', she says. ‘I especially like photographing dancers when they are exhausted after a rehearsal, still somewhere else, in their inner worlds. This is how, for example, the famous photograph of Tero Saarinen was born in our collaborative work HUNT.'

The Dance for the Camera exhibition is also proud to host the premiere of the new short film written and directed by Liulia: Swan Song (2016), the emotionally charged story of which is interpreted by the Finnish National Ballet's star dancer Minna Tervamäki, who retired after a long career in 2012, and, in her debut role, the 6-year-old Vilma Kolehmainen.The first version of Swan Song, a stage production where Tervamäki was accompanied by dancer Ima Iduozee, premiered in autumn 2014, and will be performed again in the Alminsali Hall in the National Opera in autumn 2017.

The starting point of the new short film version of Swan Song is Minna Tervamäki's life and career, but its drama is a product of Liulia's imagination. ‘Swan Song is a short film about dance and death. Life is a miraculous gift that may vanish at any moment. Awareness of death is what electrifies life – so let us dance and love to the full. The magic world of art unites the women of different generations who appear in the film.'

Liulia, who has been a dance enthusiast all her life, says dance helped her free herself into a new physical mode of expression and thinking. ‘My works escape definitions. They are, first and foremost, works of art with their own internal rules, and no dialogue. They tell the story using dance, visual elements and music.'

Marita Liulia's dance-themed exhibition will feel at home in Oulu, one of Finland's foremost dance cities. In addition to the regional dance centre JoJo that focuses on contemporary dance, Oulu is the home to many professional dance communities, a dance instructor trainer programme at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, numerous dance schools, and an active dance sport scene.

Marita Liulia works through Medeia, a production company she established in 1997. Her extensive output also includes paintings, books, media and games. She lives in Helsinki and Heinola, and her works have been exhibited in 50 countries. Liulia's next major exhibition, Golden Age, opens in Mänttä (Art Museum Gösta, Serlachius Museums) on 5 November 2017.



Photo above: Tero Saarinen