Past exhibitions


Esko Männikkö


4th Feb – 30th Apr

Photographer Esko Männikkö's (1959–) retrospective exhibition that takes over the entire Oulu Museum of Art brings together his key works from the past four decades. The more than 200 works exhibited contain previously unseen material from the 2010s and new ‘nature photographs’ from 2016.

Born in Pudasjärvi, raised in Utajärvi and living in Oulu, Finland since 1989, Esko Männikkö is an exceptionally international Finnish artist. The majority of his gallery and museum exhibitions have for a long time taken place abroad. Read more >


  Rut Bryk


Rut Bryk: The magic box
1 October 2016 – 15 January 2017

A magnificent centenary exhibition presenting the works of the internationally recognised reformer of Finnish ceramic art whose works cross the boundary between art and industrial design with ease. Bryk's (1916–1999) career as an artist evolved from small-scale figurative and painting-like murals to abstract monumental surfaces of public spaces. Bryk also designed ceramic objects, textiles, and graphic decorations to china products designed by her husband Tapio Wirkkala. The exhibition is produced by Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA). Read more>



  Elina Rantasuo

Elina Rantasuo: Losing Shape
Animated light and graphics
1 October 2016 – 15 January 2017

Elina Rantasuo (1987–), a 2013 graduate of the Graphic Arts study programme of the Academy of Fine Arts, makes a debut in her first solo museum exhibition in Oulu Museum of Art's Tasku and Kaari galleries. Her works are fascinating combinations of oil colour animation, graphics, drawing and installation. They create a captivating, intuitive magic circle that conveys something subconscious, dreamlike, breathing and fragile. Organic, evolving things fascinate Rantasuo, who currently lives and works in Helsinki. Read more>



  Kari Södö
Photo Mika Friman

18 June 2016 – 8 January 2017


Anni Arffman, Mary Jane Gregory, Jari Huhta, Helena Kaikkonen, Minna Kangasmaa, Tuomo Kangasmaa, Heidi Kesti, Leevi Lehtinen, Daniel Nagy, Päivi Pussila, Kari Södö, Kirsi Tervo

The old Hiukkavaara garrison, six kilometres from downtown Oulu, is one of Finland's biggest clusters of creative activity – although its somewhat down-at-heel appearance easily belies this. After Hiukkavaara's history as a garrison for conscripts performing their military service came to an end in 1998, the facilities were made available to artists, bands and many kinds of pastime and business activities. Many public events arranged in Hiukkavaara have helped downtown residents discover the unique community, and in autumn 2015 Hiukkavaara also provided emergency housing for asylum seekers. The 12 artists invited to participate in the exhibition present fascinating selections from their latest works. Read more >




Essi Renvall, Girl.
Photo Mika Friman

Unyielding: Sculptor Essi Renvall

18 June – 4 September

Talented, beautiful, determined, original – all of these adjectives characterise one of our earliest female sculptors, the Oulu-born Essi Renvall (1911–1979). The high society beauty and media star of her time made her living through art and never failed to provide inspiration and cause a stir through her unconventional opinions and actions. Although Essi Renvall is primarily remembered for her sculptures of authors and children, she also immortalised many ordinary families as well as historical persons of note. Fall in love with Essi!


  Marita Liulia, Pontus Sundset

Marita Liulia: Dance for the Camera

18 June – 4 September


Visual artist/director Marita Liulia (1957–) is a pioneer of Finnish media art who has through her works built bridges between art, science and technology. The exhibition in the Tasku Gallery is themed around dance – what would be better suited for Oulu, one of Finland's foremost dance towns? – and mainly consists of short films and photographs. Liulia has collaborated extensively with numerous choreographers, dancers, musicians and artists who work with electronic visuals. Her short films feature dancers including Minna Tervamäki, Virpi Pahkinen and Ima Iduozee.


  Ari Koch
Photo Mika Friman

Ari Koch: Stories of Wandering
9 April – 29 May

This exhibition is the 60th anniversary exhibition of the artist based in Liminka who has produced numerous public artworks to Oulu and the surrounding region.

A woodworker with keen instinct for the material, Ari Koch (1956–) is fascinated by the pragmatic clarity of Northern landscapes and nature. Moments, scenes and emotions are expressed through studies of form that evoke, on one hand, vernacular everyday items, yet, on the other hand, the endless variety and variation of creatures and processes of nature.

The exhibition focuses on Koch's recent works, but also includes a number of milestones from his long career.


  Hanna Kanto

Hanna Kanto: Beam of Light
9 April – 29 May

Hanna Kanto (1981–) joins the long tradition of painters from Lapland in a highly personal style with paintings that combine narrative features, landscapes and evocative atmospheres. Subjects taken from everyday reality and personal experience are coloured by a touch of fantasy. One of the key themes of her output is the changing nature and the cultural heritage of the North. Her latest paintings and installations also investigate Lapland from an explorer's point of view. Hanna Kanto lives and works in Haparanda, Sweden.


Kaisu's Choice: '68, '89 and the Other Mad Years
Art from the collections of the Oulu Museum of Art and the Kaleva newspaper

  Niilo Hyttinen, Blue bucket

Gems from the collections of the museum and the collections of the regional newspaper Kaleva are unearthed in an exhibition curated by Kaisu Mikkola, a versatile culture personality and the former head of the culture department with Kaleva who has watched the Finnish art world from up close for many decades. During her time with Kaleva, Mikkola also worked with the newspaper's own art collection as one of its curators. The principal themes of the exhibition are the world of newspapers, the Northern Finnish spirit and art from Estonia with interesting parallels and dialogues formed by a number of works from the collections of the museum. > Read more

Spaced Out: Jussi Goman, Jouna Karsi, Antti Oikarinen, Jenni Yppärilä
23 January – 20 March

  Jenni Yppärilä, Ainola Park
The works of four contemporary artists extend traditional notions of genres and methods of visual art. The physical and material qualities of Jussi Goman's (1980–) paintings are rich in nuance. Jouna Karsi (1980–) shrinks the reality around us into miniature sculptures. Antti Oikarinen's (1974–) objects and sculptures represent something else apart from themselves. Jenni Yppärilä (1980–) creates three-dimensional paintings out of the minute details of our everyday reality. The four artists presently live in Southern Finland, but all of them have roots in Northern Ostrobothnia. Read more >

SKILLS: Thinking through Making, Telling by Hand
23 January – 20 March

  Tuva Gonsholt, Small Dragons
big Devils. Photo Tom Riis.
Painting, arts and crafts and design all require knowledge of materials, understanding of shapes and forms, and the skill of manual working. How does the tradition of handicrafts live, adapt to and be useful in the modern day? The touring exhibition showcases the works of 13 artists and designers from Norway, Sweden and Finland, whose range of materials extends from glass and ceramics to textile, metal, plastic, leather and other organic materials. Finnish artists featured in the exhibition are Kaarina Kaikkonen, Kim Simonsson and Janna Syvänoja. The exhibition is produced by the North Norwegian Art Centre.
Read more >


Meeri Koutaniemi: Alternative

  Meeri-Koutaniemi, Escaped

Meeri Koutaniemi, born in Kuusamo in 1987, is a renowned freelance photographer and photojournalist whose favourite method is complete immersion in the lives of her subjects. She has worked as a photographer and a journalist in more than 30 countries, often with women, children and oppressed minorities. In 2012, she started a photography project about female circumcision in Kenya. The present exhibition shows the cruel tradition of genital mutilation and the women's alternative future as potential changers of that tradition. > Read more

Kirsti Muinonen: Springs of Nectar

  Kirsti Muinonen, In Galaxy

The principal element that inspires Kirsti Muinonen's (1943–) paintings is nature. Small big things – pollination of plants, dividing of cells, beekeeping, memories of past summers, the symbiosis between human beings and nature – produce audaciously beautiful tapestries of layered surfaces and shapes with energising, enchanting colours. The artist describes the process of painting as a meditative journey from one place and dimension to another. The exhibition is a cross-section of Muinonen's recent work in the new millennium with emphasis on her recent oils and watercolours. > Read more

Palsa Embalmed

  Harri Filppa, Reminiscence

This exhibition of comics by Kalervo Palsa (1947–1987) opens new perspectives to the world of the multitalented visual artist. Kalervo Palsa was an active cartoonist and produced thousands of pages of comics during his life. His most famous work, Eläkeläinen muistelee (‘Retiree Reminisces') was initially published in 1980. To earn additional income, Palsa also worked as a lettering artist. The exhibition, arranged by the Oulu Comics Centre as part of the 4th Oulu Comics Festival, also incorporates recollections and thoughts on Palsa and his heritage by contemporary comics artists. The exhibition is staged in the Kaari gallery. > Read more


Quilt Visions – American Modern Quilt Art

  Carolyn L. Mazloomi, A Peacekeeper's Gift

Jane Burch Cochran, Joe Cunningham, Judith Larzelere, Linda Levin, Paula Nadelstern, Carolyn L. Mazloomi, Heather Pregger, Dinah Sargeant

The Oulu Museum of Art is proud to present eight American masters of quilt art – including one male artist! – in its summer exhibition. Thanks to the long tradition of quilt art, its high regard and the excellent level of professional artists, the field of quilt arts in the United States is very extensive and varied. The exhibition by the eight artists invited specifically for the occasion sheds light on different methods and techniques of quilt art. The works exhibited deal with different subjects including female, male and Afro-American perspectives, everyday domestic life, big cities and abstract patterns and colours, forming the most comprehensive exhibition focusing on quilt art in Northern Europe to date. You'll love it! Read more>

Kaukovainio: Stories from a Suburb

  Sanna Krook, Jaana

Nobody is born into a void; nobody leaves a void in the world after leaving it. We are all part of a community. What is the meaning of the places we have lived in for the narratives of our lives? Stories from Kaukovainio, a suburb at the edge of the town currently undergoing a great change, have been documented by researcher Ulla-Maija Louhela and photographer Sanna Krook. Tales seen and heard become part of a social repository of stories that we can use to interpret our own lives and what they are made of. Background to the Kaukovainio communal art project is formed by Ulla-Maija Louhela's doctoral dissertation. Read more>

Soft Rocking


In autumn 2014, two day-care groups for the elderly in the town of Ii near Oulu participated in an art activity program where rocking chairs were turned into soft sculptures and memories related to the chairs were collected. The program, part of culture co-operative ILME's project entitled A Sense of Living through Art, was curated and implemented by dancer Henna Hanhineva, photographer Heidi Risto and textile designer Jenni Perttu, and also features greetings from the Wild Crocheters of the Ojakylä elementary school directed by Merja Männikko. This inspiring communal project is exhibited in the Kaari gallery. Read more>

Summer pop-up exhibition
Moosa Myllykangas & Pasi Räbinä - Art Couture
13.5.– 30.8.2015

Myllykangas ja Räbinä, Karenina

Art Couture is a four-handed comment from the juncture of contemporary art and costume design. The starting point of the exhibition's massive sculptures are archetypal, historical and contemporary characters and their stories. It also features sculpture-like collars, perhaps in reference to baroque portraits.

Combining the glamorous and the everyday in many kinds of installations, object art and public artworks is highly characteristic of the works of visual artist Moosa Myllykangas (1960–). Pasi Räbinä (1965–), costumer designer at Oulu City Theatre, has worked with theatre costumes over 30 years, but has also designed and presented his own collections of unique clothing items.

Art Couture is displayed in the Salkku exhibition space on the 2nd floor of the museum. Read more>

With the Good in Mind – Gems of our collections: A selection by the museum's former directors
24th Jan - 30th Aug 2015

Our new exhibition, part of the museum's A Sense of Time anniversary program, showcases works from the Oulu Museum of Art's own collections. This time our focus is on artworks purchased to the museum's collections by its former directors Jorma Westerlund, Ullamaria Pallasmaa, Taina Myllyharju and Anna-Riikka Hirvonen. From the numerous acquisitions made during their respective terms of office, the former directors have extracted a selection of memorable and inspiring works from the past years and decades. The exhibition is set in the large gallery on the museum's second floor. The old and contemporary art sections of the A Sense of Time exhibition currently on display remain on display in the adjacent galleries. Read more >

Heikki Marila: Flowers and Devils

The Turku-based visual artist Heikki Marila (1966–), the 2012 recipient of the Carnegie Art Award, the most important visual arts award given in the Nordic countries, is currently one of the hottest names of the Finnish art scene. The new exhibition showcases Marila's works from a period of ten years, ranging from Biblical subjects, self-portraits and a series of portraits of Martin Luther to reeling vertical bars and flower paintings inspired by 17th-century Dutch still lifes in a collage of fresh, passionately executed and personal interpretations of classic subjects. Read more >

Hannu Karjalainen: RGB

RGB is a selection of photographs and moving images in which photographer/video artist Hannu Karjalainen (1978–) explores the essence of analogue colour photography and the formation of colour images on photosensitive materials. Colour film has three separate layers only sensitive to red, green and blue light; analogue colour photographs are formed by combining the layers. In Karjalainen's new series the red, green and blue layers have been exposed asynchronously, revealing surprising latent layers of the colour photograph. Read more >

Checkpoint Leonardo
24th Jan - 15th Mar 2015

Checkpoint Leonardo investigates the interaction between art and science, focusing on physical, chemical and biological phenomena, mechanics, the world of sound, the study of dreams and the relationship between human beings and the environment. The exhibition also features works that live and change during the exhibition. Checkpoint Leonardo is accompanied by a number of support events organised in collaboration with the Finnish Union of Rural Education and Culture as well as phenomena-based learning workshops given by students of the University of Oulu where scientific and artistic methods are put to use. Some of the works exhibited are part of the Union of Rural Education and Culture's project entitled A Sense of Place.

Featured artists: Sylvia Grace Borda, Petri Eskelinen, Timo Heino, Päivi Hintsanen, Petri Kuljuntausta, Antti Laitinen, Kristiina Ljokkoi, Seppo Mäkinen, Tea Mäkipää, Tuula Närhinen, Jaana Partanen, Päivi Raivio & Daniel Bumann, Jeanette Schäring, Antti Tenetz and Johannes Ylipää. Produced in collaboration with the Union of Rural Education and Culture's Environment Pilots project and Dodo ry. Read more >

A Sense of Time – Oulu Museum of Art's 50th anniversary exhibition
October 5, 2013 – January 11, 2015

Oulu Museum of Art is celebrating its 50-year history with an exhibition of its collections – A Sense of Time. The various periods, styles, methods and phenomena in visual art are all broadly represented. The exhibition is a kind of journey in time and a cross-section through the history of Oulu Museum of Art and its collection acquisitions, and of Finnish visual art. Behind it all is the art museum's duty to foster and maintain our shared cultural heritage and to act as a communal memory. Read more >

October 7th 2014 – January 4th, 2015
TAIL UP! Greetings from Cats and Dogs

Tail Up! exhibition shows by means of contemporary art how humans, cats and dogs get along. An animal domesticated by humans is always, at least to some degree, an image of the human itself – in both good and bad.

Cats and dogs have been present in the history of visual arts for almost 10 000 years, first as shapes in cave paintings and cult objects. Later on, especially since the Middle Ages, cats and dogs have been part of various genres of painting. In 1900's, Modernism and Abstract expression diminished interest in representative expression. Therefore, also animal subjects almost disappeared until towards the end of the 1900s, when Postmodernism and Neo-figurative art styles brought representative subjects back into the centre of art.  Read more >

2 May – 31 August, 2014
Age of The Dinosaur

It has been millions of years since dinosaurs were as life-like as they are now! Tietomaa Science and Museum Centre´s brings you the Natural History Museum´s grand production, Age of the Dinosaur exhibition, housed at Oulu Museum of Art on Kasarmintie 9.

The exhibition displays dozens of authentic fossils as well as replicas, and abounds with information about life on the earth during the Jurassic and Cretaceous period. The stars of the show are the animated dinosaurs recreated in their real size. Read more >

Tapani Kokko – Haunted house
25 January – 16 March, 2014

Tapani Kokko, who is from Pudasjärvi and lives at present in Orimattila (b.1969), makes bold and playful wooden sculptures, reliefs and paintings that are influenced by folk art and primitivism. Kokko has been described as a carnivaliser of Finnish sculpture. In recent years, his works have often been seen in same exhibitions with Outsider artists.

Aki Roukala – Leena
25 January – 16 March, 2014

Leena is an intimate photo exhibition on a friend who died of breast cancer. The project, which started as photographic therapy, was quickly transformed into a tragic series of portraits of a young woman and a mother who was preparing for her last breath and who had to say goodbye to her nearest people and come to terms with her own death. Her beautiful blue eyes reflected an incredible amount of power, but also fear and anguish.

8 – 19 January, 2014 Exhibition room Tasku
Kaisa Salmi: Fellman´s Field

Kaisa Salmi (b. 1968) delighted people in Oulu with her rose artwork in Pakkahuoneenkatu in late summer 2013. Salmi directed in Lahti Fellmaninpuisto in April 2013 a performance "Fellman's field – 22 000 peoples' living monument". This happening was attended by thousands of people from all over Finland. The performance was based on the events of the civil war in 1918 in Lahti.

Bart, Talvivaara – Jari Arffman's photographs
September 28, 2013 – January 5, 2014

Jari Arffman's exhibition consists of milieu photographs taken in the area of Talvivaara Mining Company in Sotkamo in August 2011. This documentary series of photographs tells about a total transformation of environment and the roughness of industrial processes. The controversial Talvivaara mining area has constantly been in the Finnish media and stirred mixed  feelings. The mining area appears wildly dramatic and ambiguous in Arffman's black-and-white photographs. According to Arffman, a day of photographing in Talvivaara was a ferocious experience, and not least because of the scale of the mine. "I took photographs in a rather Dantesque landscape, which also somehow reminded wilderness."

September 28, 2013 – January 5, 2014
Reidar Särestöniemi – Blue Sun and Orange Moon

The comet from Kittilä, Reidar Särestöniemi (1925-1981), is definitely Lapland's most famous visual artist ever. This painter, who made his breakthrough at the end of the 1950s, rapidly entered the ranks of great artists who live in the public eye. Särestöniemi is known as a colourful depicter of northern nature and people, and his signature style is prodigiously personal and recognizable. This extensive exhibitionhas been compiled from the collection of the Kirsi and Keio Eerikäinen Art Foundation on deposit at Rovaniemi Art Museum.

September 28, 2013 – January 5, 2014, Exhibition room Tasku
Bart, Talvivaara – Jari Arffman's photographs

Jari Arffman's exhibition consists of milieu photographs taken in the area of Talvivaara Mining Company in Sotkamo in August 2011. This documentary series of photographs tells about a total transformation of environment and the roughness of industrial processes. The controversial Talvivaara mining area has constantly been in the Finnish media and stirred mixed feelings. The mining area appears wildly dramatic and ambiguous in Arffman's black-and-white photographs.


Kaija Kiuru: Suojaton, 2013.

Pathway – Dialogues on Northern Issues

Pathway is an international exhibition of contemporary art, with 11 contemporary artists invited from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Iceland and Greenland. The theme of the exhibitionis life in the North, the diversity of nature, and the changes taking place in the northern regions. Pathway links together discussions about art and about society. The exhibitionhas been produced by Rovaniemi Art Museum, and the curators are Riitta Kuusikko and Patrick Huse.


Here! contemplates themes of ownership and identity. What does it mean to belong to something? To what do I belong? How do I become a part of something bigger than myself? What happens to my identity in the process? The artists address these questions, and the dialogue between the private and the public, in works situated in the beautiful landscapes of the Hupisaaret Islands. The invited artists are William Dennisuk, Minna L. Henriksson, Essi Korva, Riikka Mäkikoskela, Jaakko Pernu, Timo Vaittinen and Tiina Vehkaperä. 

Great Loves

– Works from Tuomo Seppo's collection IV
Oulu Museum of Art presented works from the collection of the Kajaani art collector Tuomo Seppo, with items ranging from the beginning of the 20th century to the 2000s. The 22 artists represented included H. Ahtela, Ina Colliander, Lea Ignatius, Väinö Kamppuri, Aimo Kanerva, Anitra Lucander, Ernst Mether-Borgström, Arvo Siikamäki, Ellen Thesleff, Rafael Wardi and Veikko Vionoja. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue of Tuomo Seppo's art collection.

Your Own Walls

Would you like to be a ‘museum artist'? Now is your big chance to do just that, as the Museum is offering free exhibition space to anyone who wants it on the Museum's first floor. All amateur, student, or professional artists, or otherwise creative individuals are welcome. You can contribute one work that you have made yourself, and which you yourself will be responsible for bringing, hanging and removing.


Wha'? IX Textile Art Triennial


Wha'?attempts to say what is going on in Finnish textile art right now, and what kinds of materials and techniques are being used. This kaleidoscopic survey contains works by more than 30 artists. Alongside textile artists those invited to the exhibitioninclude sculptors, painters and printmakers. The exhibition, curated by visual artist Anna-Maija Aarras, has been produced by the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo and Textile Artists TEXO.


Petri Sirviö – Sorry Speech


Petri Sirviö is known as the founder and artistic director of Oulu's celebrated Screaming Men's Choir. The choir, which has performed in globally important cultural arenas and in the most surprising places, is 25 this year (2012); the exhibition is one of a series of Huutajat25v events. In addition to live performances, Sirviö has taken part as a maker of mediaworks in numerous major international exhibitions, including the 2010 Biennale of Sydney. Some of his latest videoworks will be shown in the Tasku space. The exhibitionis accompanied by live art events.

- 14.4.2013
Surfaces of Contact – Recent Acquiries from the Collections of Oulu Museum of Art

Works acquired in recent years by the Oulu Museum of Art will be displayed in the collection room Salkku. This exhibition consists of three thematic areas: the individual, the environment and society. The participating artists address issues and contexts that have moved them and aroused thought. The individual is considered through self-portraits of artists of different periods. The environment, in turn, can be experience as viewed, perceived, felt and lived. The section on society presents the effects of internationalization on life.

Petri Yrjölä – The Promise of Tomorrow

"Profoundly comforting ballads about what it means to be human," says Petri Yrjölä's exhibition catalogue. That is precisely how this first extensive museum exhibition by Yrjölä strikes lovers of painting. These large romantic paintings, which are situated somewhere between abstract and
figurative expression, are not necessarily landscapes, even though first impressions might point in that direction. Rather, they are emotional states created by colour and light, in which we often find ourselves in the tender embrace of melancholy.

31.8. - 16.9.
Eeli Aalto: Ten images of Oulu 

Eeli Aalto's paintigs in Oulu Museum of Art's Satula room.


16.6. – 9.9.
FEEL IT! – Photographs of Emotion and States of Mind

Depictions of emotion and states of mind have become an important theme in contemporary photography. Images seek a close approach, to private and personal experiences. Photography also has the ability to record the unseen, for it captures what cannot be expressed in words.
Human loneliness, rage and depression, but also love, joy and peace are strong emotions also as the subjects of photographs. Where is the boundary between healthy emotion and illness? What happens when it is crossed?

16.6. -10.9. and 22.9. - 14.4.2013
Surfaces of Contact – Recent Acquiries from the Collections of Oulu Museum of Art

Works acquired in recent years by the Oulu Museum of Art will be displayed in the collection room Salkku. This exhibition consists of three thematic areas: the individual, the environment and society. The participating artists address issues and contexts that have moved them and aroused thought. The individual is considered through self-portraits of artists of different periods. The environment, in turn, can be experience as viewed, perceived, felt and lived. The section on society presents the effects of internationalization on life.

In Daylight – Villu Jaanisoo & Hanna Vihriälä

The works of Hanna Vihriälä (born in 1974 in Oulainen) and Villu Jaanisoo (born in 1963 in Tallinn) are examples of contemporary sculpture at its best, with their variety of materials, dramaturgical control of scale, and perceptive and personal interpretations of observations. Janisoo's work is involved with the initial themes of sculpture – portraiture and veracity. Vihriälä's sculpture takes light, reflection and shadow as its starting points.

Martti Mäki – Paintings and Photographs

Painter Martti Mäki of Oulu (born 1947) is especially known for his public works in urban space and his extensive output of portraits. Mäki's art combines narrative realism of symbolic emphasis with more abstract expression. This exhibition features new paintings and photographs addressing the interaction of light and shade and the problems of form.

Our Second Nature  
Terike Haapoja, Anni Kinnunen, Vesa Ranta

The 50th anniversary exhibition of the Oulu Region Humane Society will be on show at the museum's Satula room.
Each of the three invited artists approaches the interests of nature, animals and people from their own perspectives.

In Search of Beauty – Works from the Tuomo Seppo Collection

The Oulu Museum of Art will continue its displays of Tuomo Seppo's art collection. Containing over 1,700 works of art, this collection emphasizes the North Finnish aspect. Artists of North Finland, or ones who have been professionally active here, that are featured in the exhibition include Marjatta Hanhijoki, Niilo Hyttinen, Tapio Junno, Paavo Leinonen, Markku and Olli Keränen, Kaarlo Mikkonen and Carl Wargh. Among the exhibits are Marjatta Hanhijoki's masterly interior scenes in watercolour, self-portraits by Niilo Hyttinen, and work by the late academician Kain Tapper, who was a trailblazer of Finnish sculpture in wood. Other artists of the exhibition are Mirja Airas, Göran Augustson, Jaakko Heikkinen, Outi Heiskanen, Hannele Kylänpää, Raimo Reinikainen, Anja Rönty and Päivi Sirén.

21.1.– 5.4.
Jaakko Mattila – A  Year of the Dragon

The paintings of the Oulu-born artist Jaakko Mattila (born 1976) combine in a subtle manner the systematic and the random. Their relationships of form and colour create unique geometric thinking, while his present work also contains physical-material expression of an increasingly liberated kind. Although Mattila's works are mainly abstract, he has also been inspired by the diversity of nature and the simple, uncluttered aesthetic of the landscape of North Ostrobothnia. This exhibition is the artist's first major museum show.

21.1.– 5.4.
Marjukka Vainio – Episodes

Photographer, Artist Professor Marjukka Vainio (born 1953) is known for her photographs of plants displaying extreme sensitivity, beauty and a sense of transience. There is a great deal of mystery in her works, the invisible made visible. A new video installation designed for the museum's exhibition space combines projected images with textile sculptures and lightboxes.