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News and Events in December

Dear all, please take note of the upcoming events at OIS in December!

1) Day off on Thu 5.12. and Independence Day on 6.12. Have a great long weekend!

2) Timetable of the last school week (wk 51).

A2 language lessons run as normal until the morning of Wednesday 18.12. (no A2 lessons in the afternoon).

Monday 16.12. Normal school day until 14:15.

Tuesday 17.12. Normal school day.

Wednesday 18.12. Normal school day until 13:15.
   at 12:30 End-of-term Celebration for the school (performed by students of gr 2, 4, 6 and 8).
   at 18:00 End-of-term Celebration for the parents of gr 2,4,6 and 8. Welcome!

Thursday 19.12. 8:30-12:15 8:30 School day starts in homerooms. 9:00 Church service (in our Gym); alternative programme for those who do not attend.

Friday 20.12. 8:15 Xmas carols for all. Porridge for gr 1-5; Porridge and Mid-year report cards for gr 6-9. If your child is not in school on the last school day, please submit us a stamped, self-addressed envelope and we shall send it to you.

3) Check your child’s Wilma! If you have not done so, please inform us by Wed 4.12. in Wilma Lomakkeet/Forms (use the browser version, not app) if you give your child permission to attend Evangelical Lutheran events in school (= Church service on Thu 19.12.). If we receive no information from home, the child will join the Christian event. 

Also make sure that we have your current telephone number in our records. We must have this for cases of emergency.

4)   Lost & Found. We kindly remind parents and students to name all clothes items. Please check the Lost & Found before the holiday.

5)   Strength of the Month in December: Fairness. This month we develop our fairness skills for example by:

  • thinking that participation is more important than winning
  • playing games by the rules
  • not leaving anyone out of game, discussion etc.
  • defending someone who is weaker
  • keeping our promises
  • giving positive feedback to someone who is not your friend
  • treating people justly, not letting your personal feelings bias your decisions about others
  • giving everyone a fair chance
  • admitting our mistakes

6)   Spring Term starts on Tue 7.1.2020 with the regular timetable. Have a great holiday!