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News and Events in March

Dear Parents and Students,

News and events in March, the month of kindness. Have a great skiing break next week! 

1. DATE FOR YOUR DIARY. Fri 27.3. at 8:30-11:30 Gr 9 Personal Project Fair in the Gym Hall. Welcome all!

2. BIOWASTE. This academic year we have run a few week-long campaigns to reduce biowaste at lunch. According to the feedback from the kitchen, on these weeks the amount of biowaste has reduced by at least 75% compared to normal weeks. Please discuss the matter of biowaste at home! Also please cooperate with us in teaching the kids to finish their plates well before leaving it in the dishwasher as clearing blocked drains costs a lot of extra money for the school.

3. STRENGTH OF THE MONTH. The Strength in March is Kindness. You can practice kindness by

  • smiling at a stranger
  • offering your help to someone you don t know
  • saying something nice to a stranger
  • remembering to treat yourself kindly

4. CHEWING GUM. This has become an issue especially in the MYP. We strongly recommend students to have xylitol tablets at lunchtimes as chewing gum seems to end up under the desks and chairs and the floor. We have spoken to the students about how extra cleaning costs money for the school.

5. RESULTS OF SCHOOL WELFARE SURVEY (kouluterveyskysely). Our grades 4-5 and 8-9 filled out this survey last spring. OIS results were generally better than average in Oulu and better than average in Finland. However, the most concerning results, which we hope are discussed at home, were the following:

  • 29,6% of 4-5th graders and 42,1 % of 8-9th graders do not eat breakfast every morning.
  • 44% of 8-9th graders do not eat school lunch every day.
  • 45% of 8-9th graders sleep less than 8h/day during the week.
  • 33,8% of all 8-9th graders and over 50% of girls had been subjected to sexually suggestive behaviour or harassment either face-to-face or online.