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Returning to School on Thu 14.5.

Dear Students and Parents,

In accordance with the Government’s decision, we return to contact teaching for the period of 14.- 30.5. Teachers are looking forward to seeing you all!

We plan the return to contact teaching to happen in accordance with the instructions given to us, making every effort that the return is as safe as possible circumstances allowing. The government restrictions regarding group sizes do not apply to schools.

Afternoon care continues to operate for those students who were there before the lockdown.

Here are some general information and guidelines regarding the reopening and the last weeks of school. Please read them carefully! Your homeroom/class teacher will inform you about class-specific issues.



Do not come to school if you have symptoms of any illness. Guardian should notify the school of the student's absence due to illness immediately.

As of 14.5. the normal guidelines for absences apply. Leave of absence must always be applied for and the principal/teacher will consider the grounds for granting the permission. When applying for leave of absence for their child, the guardian assumes the responsibility for the student’s learning. We kindly ask you to submit any leave of absence applications by Monday 11.5. at 12:00. This will help us make our plans. Distance teaching will only be given in certain A2 languages.

Here are the Finnish National Agency for Education (Opetushallitus) guidelines regarding absences as of 14.5.: https://www.oph.fi/fi/oppivelvollisuus-ja-poissaolot-opetuksesta-1452020-alkaen



Please note that we start at different times to avoid rush at the doors. Avoid gathering at the doors at all times. Starting times:

8:15 gr 1-2 (gr 1 use PYP door, gr 2 use MYP door)

9:00 gr 3-4 (gr 3 use PYP door, gr 4 use MYP door)

10:00 gr 5-6 (gr 5 use PYP door, gr 6 use MYP door)

10:05 gr 7 (7A use MYP door, 7B PYP door)

10:10 gr 8 (8A use MYP door, 8B PYP door)

10:15 gr 9 (9A use MYP door, 9B PYP door)

Do not come to school more than 10 minutes before the beginning of the school day.
Go straight to your classroom. (door is open and teacher is present)
The first lesson is spent on revising the arrangements of the school days, hygiene rules and class timetables. The rest of the day follows the normal timetable (teachers inform of exceptions).



Washing hands

use water & soap and dry thoroughly with paper towel
(when coming to school) in the beginning of the first lesson
(when leaving school) at the end of the last lesson
before lunch/eating snack
after using the toilet
after blowing your nose, after sneezing or whenever your hands are unclean

Social distancing does not need to be practiced in own class, however direct physical contact should be avoided.
Students are not allowed to gather in the school yard for more than 10 minutes before the beginning of the school day. Students go directly to their classroom (door is open and teacher is present)
Leave the school and school yard immediately after the school day.

Students should only use their own stationery and equipment – no sharing allowed.
Parents and outsiders are not allowed to enter the school facilities.



Those students/parents who borrowed a device from school, are asked to bring them back before school starts.
Borrowed laptops are received in the PYP lobby on Tuesday 12.5. at 13:00 - 14:30 and Wednesday 13.5. at 13:00 - 14:30. Remember social distancing while waiting outside; we only allow one person in at a time.



Gr 1-6 start their school days as follows: 8:15 gr 1-2, 9:00 gr 3-4, 10:00 gr 5-6. Class teachers will inform of the class-specific timetables.
Gr 7-9 school days according to the timetables as normal.

Snack Bar is not open (bring own snacks if needed)
Gr 7-9 in the homerooms except Phy/Che, Bio/Ge and skills/art subjects are taught in their own rooms/spaces.
Those A2 language lessons which are normally held as OIS, run as before. A2 French and German students learn through Teams at home (their lessons would normally be in other schools) and come to school after the lessons.
Gr 1-6 subjects are mainly taught in the homeroom classes.


LAST SCHOOL WEEK 25.5.-30.5.

NOTE: starting times as above

Monday: regular timetables.

Tuesday: regular timetables.

Wednesday: regular timetables until 13:15.

Thursday: School day 3 hours.

Friday: School day 3 hours.

Saturday: No end-of-term celebration; students collect report cards from classes. No parents or outsiders allowed.

Report card collection times:

8:15: gr 1 (use PYP door), gr 4 (use MYP door), gr 7 (building A)

8:45: gr 2 (use PYP door), gr 5 (use MYP door), gr 8 (building A)

9:15: gr 3 (use PYP door), gr 6 (use MYP door), gr 9 (gym hall, use main entrance door)


We shall inform you if we receive further instructions next week. Have a beautiful Mothers' Day weekend!

Raija Perttunen, Jenni Alaniemi & Anneli Jokelainen