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Oulu2026’s first international conference will be live streamed

There will be over 100 locals and international cultural operators

The Oulu2026 project organizes its first international conference titled, Can ECoC Save the World, in Oulu from the 12th-14th of March. Part of Wednesday’s programme and the entire programme on Thursday will be live streamed.

The actual seminar speeches will begin on Wednesday March 13th at 10:00 in Finnkino Cinema Plaza, when English expert Neil Peterson presents the topic: Can Culture Change Our City? - The Liverpool Experience: Where Did It All Go Right?

You can watch Peterson's speech live at or the Oulu2026 official facebook page.

Over 100 cultural experts and actors from Europe and Finland have registered for the conference. The themes of the discussions will focus on cultural climate change as well as future challenges both in Finland and in Europe. The conference asks the question, among other things, how can the European Capital of Culture system address local and global challenges through culture.

The speakers include a large number of cultural experts from Finland and Europe. The aim is also to provide local cultural operators with platforms for networking and cooperation, including the search for the Oulu2026 programme.

Curator Mike Watson is in charge of the artistic content of the conference and welcomes the world-renowned Marinella Senatore’s School of Narrative Dance and workshops to Oulu. In addition, the Italian artist Leonardo Petrucci organizes a chess game on climate change in Oulu’s Market Square. Event venues include Finnkino Cinema Plaza, Culture Centre Valve and Oulu’s Market Square.

The conference is in English and the complete programme including speaker’s schedule can be found at

The event can also be found at:

The conference is organised in cooperation with Polar Bear Pitching and Oulu Music Festival.


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