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Oulu Writers Tweet the European Capital of Culture Installation 20x26

Oulu writers are participating in Oulu’s bid for title of European Capital of Culture. The form and technique is unique, simultaneously with loss and preservation: written thoughts are published in the form of twitter messages on the Oulu2026 twitter account every single day for one year.

Twenty writers are participating, with each writer publishing 26 tweets during the year as agreed in advance. In total, there will be 520 tweets to the world during one year.

“For many years now, the Oulu Literature Society has been working to raise the profile of the region's literature and cultural fields. We would like for culture, in all of its forms, to be a normal part of the everyday life of the people of Oulu, and that culture would also be visible here on the streets and in the markets. This twitter installation is a presentation of power and an invitation to shout, ”says Antti Leikas, Chairman of the Oulu Literature Society.

The topics in the tweets loosely match the themes of Oulu’s European Capital of Culture application, which have been shaped by the creative advisors. The starting point is nature, urban environment, peripheral areas and communality. The themes were announced on the same day that the tweet installation began on February 1, 2019.

“This is a new kind of project, with a wide reach and we are excited about it. This art installation brings fresh literature to the general public, Oulu and to the soulful northern landscape. The project combines art and technology, which is certainly one of the long-term goals of the European Capital of Culture project. The project represents the courage to experiment with new forms of art,” states Samu Forsblom, Director of Culture.

Each of the authors’ turns will be introduced at the beginning of their week on Oulu2026’s social media channels, mainly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tweets will also be collected for possible future compilations.

The twitter installation began with the published work of comic artist Lauri Ahtinen on February 1st, 2019 and author Katariina Vuori publishes the last tweet on January 31st, 2020.


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