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Oulun Serviisi has separate menus for day care centers, schools, personnel and student cafeterias, and geriatric institutions. Weekly menus are available below.

Schools and day care centers have two different lunch menus. Menu I is served in Allinpuisto, Oulunlahti, Lintula, Pikku Metso, Sarasuo and Savotta-aukio schools and day care centers, menu II is served in every other city day care centers.

Menus are renewed four times a year to bring the flavors of different seasons to the plates of our customers.

In the schools of the Oulu region, lunch time varies between 10.00 and 13.30 o'clock. However, lunch is served at least between 11.00 and 12.00 o'clock in all schools. We recommend to check the exact lunch time at the cafeteria.

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Schools, Day care centers II week 46

Monday 14.11.
Minced meat sauce á la Italy
Vegetable sauce á la Italy
Potatoes / Whole grain pasta
Cabbage salad

Tuesday 15.11.
Chicken and pasta casserole
Vegetable and pasta casserole
Green salad, black currant jam

Wednesday 16.11.
Pea soup
Vegetable pea soup
Root vegetables
Pancakes and jam

Thursday 17.11.
Rainbow trout balls
Vegetable balls
Mashed carrots and potatoes 
Pickled cabbage salad

Friday 18.11.
Sausage sauce
Vegetable and chickpea sauce
Green Salad

Meals include; salad, bread, bread spreads and a beverage.
Meals may be available on different weekdays than listed on the menu.

Our potatoes and bread are always local food!