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Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage

The field of work for our cultural heritage curators covers the whole of Northern Ostrobothnia.

The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum and Finland's National Board of Antiquities have a cooperation agreement to advance the care of cultural heritage and monitor land-use planning in the Northern Ostrobothnia region.

A regional museum is responsible for the regional, zoning and town plans in its area as it regards to built heritage. It also performs expert and official duties in building inspection. Cultural heritage curators take part in official negotiations as experts of their field and give reports on land use and the building and demolition, as well as valuation, of culturally significant sites.

Furthermore, cultural heritage curators are responsible for repair consultation and monitoring of culturally significant sites in their area. They also perform research in cultural heritage and provide guidance and direction for creating cultural heritage inventories.



Curator, Cultural Heritage Department
Juhani Turpeinen
Tel: +358 44 703 7155

Curator, Cultural Heritage Department
Teija Ylimartimo
Tel: +358 44 703 7152

Raimo Tikka
Tel: +358 44 703 7174