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Day Cares Day Cares

Day care groups are always welcome the museum!

Picture: Exhibition titled "Barking through History"

Day care groups, including their instructors, have free entrance to our museum. Everyone under 18 is free of admission. OAJ (Trade Union of Education in Finland) members can also visit the museum free of charge.

We can receive day care groups (booked beforehand) from Tuesday through Friday starting at 9.15 am (during winter opening times).


Tel: +358 50 316 6497
Päivi Lämsä at paivi.lamsa(at)

We can also plan the visit together,
so please be in touch if need be:

Museum educator Arja Keskitalo
Tel: +358 44 703 7159

The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum's basic exhibition makes the past come alive. What kind of toys did kids in the Bronze Age play with? What does jewelry made out of human hair look like? What type of bicycle was the "fast foot", also known as the Kangaroo bicycle? What is a Sami shaman doing in our museum? All these and other fascinating riddles of the past are revealed in the museum.

The Doghill Section

Mauri Kunnas' ever-lovable characters have adventures in our musem! In the Doghill section one can play puppet theater with Doghill hand puppets or try on a pair of dog ears.

The exhibition features headphones through which one can listen to stories of the Doghill.
One can also borrow a Doghill book from the information desk on the ground floor to make the museum visit even more engaging.

More on the Doghill-section

The museum as a learning environment The museum as a learning environment

The aim of a cultural history museum is to raise children to become adults appreciative of our cultural heritage with the ability and tools to foster it responsibly. Museum education can play its part in supporting a student's growth to a well-balanced adult and a member of the society with a healthy sense of self-worth and someone who is critical of his/her surroundings and is capable of working with others and knows the art of listening.

The City of Oulu's education and learning goals emphasize encouraging a child's feeling of unity with the community. One way to achieve this is to explore the past of one's surroundings. Museum exhibitions should tell about the past of the surrounding area and explore how people used to live and why we live like we do today. Supplementary material produced by the museum can further demonstrate and expand upon what has been learned.

N.B. Buses are not able to drive in front of the museum. The nearest parking space for buses is located between Myllytulli school and Holiday Inn hotel.

You can prepare for your first visit to the museum by reading instructions and answering preliminary questions.

Instructions for first museum visit

Preliminary questions

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Niilo Naakka has 12 stories on the city's history!

Watch, listen or read!
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The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum has produced and manufactured an exhibition to be loaned out, titled "This is how we used to play – week of traditional play for day cares". It is designed to bring back memories of and familiarize oneself with Finnish child's play and toy traditions.

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