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The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum

This cultural history museum is located in the Ainola Park. The building was designed by architect Oiva Kallio and completed in 1931.

The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum was founded in 1896 by the Museum Society which donated the museum to the City of Oulu in 1969. The museum's primary focus is the City of Oulu and the Northern Ostrobothnia region of Finland.

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Opening Hours

Mondays closed
Tue–Fri 9 am–4 pm
Sat–Sun 10 am–5 Pm
The museum shop is closed 10 min. ealier


Adults 6 €, Students and Seniors 4 €, Children under 18 years: free of charge

The Oulu Castle The Oulu Castle

The Oulu Castle is located on the island of Linnansaari at the mouth of the Oulujoki river. It was built as a military base in 1590 for King John III's campaign against Russian Karelia, and rebuilt in 1605 on the orders of King Charles IX, who also gave the order to build a city on the mainland, opposite to the castle.
The building met its destruction on July 31, 1793, when lightning set the wooden parts of the store cellar on fire. The fire reached the powder magazine, and the black powder that was stored there exploded and destroyed the building almost in whole.
Around 1830, the Oulu Trading Company had the broken part of the stone cellar repaired as their powder store. The observation tower of the Oulu Maritime School was built on this foundation in 1873. The Maritime School operated until the year 1910. 
Café operations in the observatory tower began in 1912. Before and during the wars, the café was run by members of Lotta Svärd, and later by private owners. Café operations continue to this day: Tähtitornin Kahvila café, open during the summer, is a great place to catch your breath with a pleasant view of both sides of the river. One can also explore a small exhibition on the history of the castle.

Linnansaari 1, Oulu

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For guided tours
Tel: +358 44 703 7161

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Pateniemi Sawmill Museum Pateniemi Sawmill Museum

Pateniemi Sawmill Museum

Pateniemi Sawmill Museum was opened on June 19, 1989, in an old sawmill storage building. It was a donation from the last owner of the sawmill (Veitsiluoto Oy) to the City of Oulu and to the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum.

The museum collections include artefacts and photographs related to the Pateniemi sawmill, for example a desk from the main building and a fire carriage used by the sawmill fire brigade.

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Sahantie 21, Pateniemi, Oulu

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Curator Tuula Turunen
Tel: +358 44 703 7167

Sailor's Home Museum Sailor's Home Museum

Matila house - sailor's home museum

The oldest surviving wooden building in Oulu, which was built in 1739, was originally a Customs Office on the road to Liminka. Small Customs Offices, which handled internal trade between cities, were closed in 1808.

The house has been restored to the appearance of the 1880s and it represents the typical home of a sailor of that time.

The building was moved to Pikisaari in 1983 and opened to the public in July 1989.

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Pikisaarentie 6, Oulu 

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The museum is open in the summer
Free entrance - welcome

Museum is closed because of renovation.

Curator Kaija Niemitalo
Tel: +358 44 703 7188

Turkansaari Open-Air Museum Turkansaari Open-Air Museum


The island of Turkansaari, situated on the Oulujoki river about 14 km east of Oulu, is an old trading center and place of salmon fishing.

The history of Turkansaari as an open-air museum commences in 1922 when the old church, from the year 1694, was restored to its original site.

Today, the museum area includes a traditional farmyard complex, complete with the all relevant buildings and equipment characteristic of the Northern Ostrobothnia region. Also on display are old forms of livelihood such as tar-making, salmon fishing, lumbering and log floating.

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Turkansaarentie 165, Oulu

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Tel: +358 44 703 7190

Patrik Franzen
Tel: +358 44 703 7154

Kierikki Stone Age Center Kierikki Stone Age Center

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