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Exhibition Design Exhibition Design

The fabrication and installation of museum exhibitions is the responsibility of the technical staff together with researchers and conservators.

Our exhibitions' technical solutions, display cases, computer programs and lighting are done in-house, without external help.


Skilled workman Hannu Lyttinen and exhibition designer Paavo Hiltunen installing an exhibition titled Hietasaari – The Lost District? in 2013.

Exhibition designer replacing printouts from second floor illuminated boards.

Installing an exhibit of ryijy rugs: skilled workmen Hannu Lyttinen and Sulo Kaikkonen and exhibition designer Paavo Hiltunen.

Exhibition designer
Paavo Hiltunen
(technical solutions)
Tel: +358 44 703 7182

Skilled workman

Hannu Lyttinen
Tel: +358 44 703 7170