From home sewing to the ready-made - Pohjois-Pohjanmaan museo - Oulun kaupunki

From home sewing to the ready-made From home sewing to the ready-made

For a long time the majority of clothing items were made at home. In the late 1940s, for example, approximately half of the clothing worn by people was still made at home in Finland. The rest were made by seamstresses and tailors. The only articles of clothing purchased from shops were undergarments. Women's dresses were typically bought from ateliers or seamstresses, or made at home. Men's suits were usually bought from tailors. It was not uncommon that even the fabric was made at home with a loom. It was not before the late 1960s that the majority of Finns wore store-bought clothing. This was also the heyday of Finnish clothing industry.

Women's summer dress and jacket
Late 1930s
This dress is assumed to be sewn and embroidered by two sisters in Oulu.

Men's formal suit
The fabric was made at home from a hand-spun thread, and the suit has been made by a countryside tailor.

Women's outer jacket
This jacket has probably been made by a seamstress.

Women's evening dress
A singing instructor from Oulu obtained this dress from Switzerland.