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Grants for museums

Discretionary state grants are given to museums which are owned by a municipality, foundation or association and do not receive government subsidies.

The museums are also required to have regular opening hours to the public at least during the summer. Furthermore, museums managed by associations and foundations are required to mandate museum operations and the future preservation of collections in the event of termination of museum operations in their rules.

Grants are not issued for regular operational expenses. The amounts are decided on a case-by-case basis.

The time to file applications is each year in October.

Discretionary state grants are given for, among others:

  • electronic cataloguing of collections
  • conservation and preservation of collections
  • overhaul of basic exhibitions and the planning of museum operations
  • improving fire safety and burglar proofing
  • museum building repair plans and work which are designed to improve the conditions for storage of collections, the preservation of buildings, and the promotion of museum work

Some of the grants can given to projects promoting local museum work aimed at discovering new forms of collaboration, operation, and good practices.

Further information (in Finnish) can be found on Finland's National Board of Antiquities web site.

Experts Erika Kare (tel: +358 40 128 6357) and
Marianna Kaukonen (tel: +358 40 128 6138).

Other grants issued by Finland's National Board of Antiquities:

  • Grants for museums' innovative projects
    For museums' own projects or collaborations with other entities.
  • Grants for recording and researching Finnish cultural heritage
    Primarily for the recording and research of countryside and working class culture.
  • Building renovation grants and subsidies for archaeological sites
    For repairing buildings with high cultural historical value.
  • Grants for the care of Finland's World Heritage Sites
    For World Heritage Sites restoration, research and educational purposes.
  • Restoration of heritage sea vessels
    These grants are meant for the repair and restoration of valuable sea vessels and the repair of solid machinery and equipment in shipyards and carpentry shops performing traditional repair work.

Grants to be issued each year are made public in the fall of the previous year. Deadline for applications is in October. Decisions are made in the spring, during March–May.